Jobs In Baguio City

It is a bit more difficult to find jobs in Baguio City compared to Metro Manila. Of course, one of the biggest reasons why this is the case is the fact that Baguio is a much smaller city. The smaller the city is, the less job opportunities there are. This can be applied to any city in the country. I’ve personally experienced job hunting in both Baguio and Manila. In Manila, the job opportunities are overflowing and there’s less competition. In Baguio City, there are less jobs and the competition is much tougher. This is expected considering the size of Baguio and the limited types of industries/businesses being run in the city.

This article is about the most popular or shall we say most available jobs in Baguio City. As you should probably know by now, Baguio is known for being a tourist destination. It’s a mountain resort known for its cool climate and unique culture and traditions. That being said, the tourism industry is among the city’s top sources of revenue. It also follows that a lot of the jobs in the city are tourism-related. Hundreds of the business establishments within and around the city cater to tourists. These include hotels, restaurants, bars, inns, souvenir shops and so much more.

If you are an experienced professional looking for a job similar to what you previously had, you will find it very hard to look for jobs in Baguio City. This is not meant to discourage you or anything. It’s just the truth. Baguio is a fairly small city where higher-position jobs are really rare. Turnover rates among employees in Baguio are much lower compared to other cities in the country. This means that people are more likely to stick to their jobs. And of course, this leads to less jobs being opened. As we said earlier, jobs in Baguio City, more often than not are related to tourism.

Jobs in Baguio City

Among fresh graduates, the most common employment for them in Baguio is in the call center industry. Baguio harbors several call center and outsourcing companies that are hiring agents almost all year round. Over half of the graduates in the city’s universities have experience in the call center industry. This is not surprising at all given how easy it is to enter and get hired by an outsourcing company. Most of the companies don’t even require that you are a college graduate. Because of these, some college students are able to study and work in a call center at the same time.

To help you find jobs in Baguio City, you should learn how to make use of the various tools and resources available to you. These include local job listing sites online, social networking sites and websites by government agencies that concern labor and employment. The Department of Labor and Employment also regularly conducts job fairs in the city. These job fairs are usually held at the Baguio Convention Center. To keep you updated of these job fairs, you should regularly read the Baguio Midland Courier, the city’s largest newspaper. It’s a weekly newspaper with new editions coming out every Sunday.