Jobs that Pay Cash

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I want to help you find jobs that pay cash. Cash only jobs or jobs that pay under the table are not that hard to find, you just have to be a little creative and be pointed in the right direction. Some people call them side jobs because most people will do extra jobs over and above their regular job to make extra money. So what you need to know is what jobs pay cash.

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The best jobs or easiest jobs to get paid cash for are service jobs that you can do to help other people on a personal level. The first jobs that might come to mind when you think of service jobs could be taxi drivers or hair stylists or barbers as they provide a service and typically get paid in cash. Well if you don’t own a taxi or know how to cut hair you’re going to have a hard time making money that way.

I have some very easy suggestions for you to find jobs that will pay cash; actually people will prefer to pay you cash so they can get your service at a better price than if they were paying by cheque.
Figuring out what jobs you can do to earn cash money is not that difficult. Think about all of the things you do around your home day after day. All of the cleaning and handyman or handyperson type work. Maybe you do your own painting or mow your lawn.

There is something you do around your home that doesn’t take a bunch of specialized tools that you can help someone else out with. I prefer the handyman jobs, if you have any handyman abilities I would recommend you clean up your tools and start advertising on a free online classified website. State what jobs you want to take on and advertise that you’re rates are better than competitive.

Don’t advertise that you want to be paid in cash or you will alert the federal government auditors that are scouring ads like yours to see if they can find someone not paying taxes. Although we never said you were not going to pay taxes and I would never recommend you skip on paying taxes but I cannot control what others do.

I am suggesting that you charge no more than 20 an hour if you want to get paid in cash. People will jump all over that price. Eventually when you feel comfortable with the jobs you are doing you can start asking for a higher rate but keep your job rate at 20 dollars an hour mark for now.

In less than a week’s time, you should start getting calls.

So I hope I have helped you on the road to figuring out how you can make some easy money finding jobs that pay cash.

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