Jobs with Bicycles

If you don’t want to work the usual 9 to 5 in a cubicle, you might be interested in jobs with bicycles. The great thing about working with bicycles is that you get to be outside, where you are not restricted or confined. You also get to exercise while working and you will feel stronger and happier. Some jobs with bicycles are low paid, dangerous and difficult to find. It helps if you have your own bicycle and you are a fairly skilled rider. A lot of these jobs require that you weave in and out of traffic, and so if you are afraid of riding in highly congested areas, keep in mind that you will have less options. Below, I will give you some tips on how to find jobs with bicycles.

Bicycle Messengers – Jobs with Bicycles

Bike messengers or couriers are people who carry or deliver items in metropolitan areas. Usually the items need to be delivered immediately, and the fact that bicycles aren’t hampered by traffic or the need for parking, make them the ideal choice for transportation. Bike messengers are expected to carry a whole host of items including artworks, photographs, original signed documents and clothes for photo shoots. Many of the items need to be delivered in a timely manner, so bike messengers are expected to be in top physical condition and be able to maneuver quickly and efficiently through the city. Due to the advent of technology and the Internet, the need for bike messengers has shrunk considerably over the years. Nevertheless, many courier companies still rely on bike messengers to deliver items that can’t be transmitted digitally. In big cities like New York, bike messengers can expect to get paid around 100 dollars for a day’s work. It is a physically demanding job that doesn’t pay very well, but every day you go to work will be different and exciting.

Bicycle Tour Guide – Jobs with Bicycles

If you love being outdoors and spending time with curious people, a bicycle tour guide may be the perfect job for you. There are tons of locations where you can work as a bicycle tour guide. The French countryside, the lush hills of Ireland, the vineyards of California, the tropical jungles of Maui, the beaches of the Caribbean and the wilderness of Alaska are just some places where you can work as a bicycle tour guide. Depending on your location, the number of people in your group and the company you work for, you can make a decent living as a tour guide, making anywhere from 10 to 20 dollars. Some companies also provide free room and board as well.

Pro Cyclist – Jobs with Bicycles

You are probably thinking that there is no way you can get a job as a professional cyclist, but you’d be surprised. Riding a bicycle competitively is a lifestyle that requires hard work and dedication. Keep in mind that you will not be making anywhere near the salary of other professional sports like basketball, baseball, football and hockey, However, as a pro cyclist you get to travel to different parts of the world and meet interesting and motivated people. You need to be in peak physical condition, but it is not impossible for an average Joe to become a pro cyclist. If you are able to pick up sponsors, you can also make more money.

Google Bicycle Mapper – Jobs with Bicycles

Google has begun hiring people to map roads and paths where the Google car cannot venture. A lot of these Google bicycle mappers ride through college campuses or historical sites. Although, there are not a lot of people working for Google as bicycle mappers, you’d be surprised by how many there are. Two lucky employees even had the opportunity to go around France in their customized Google tricycles, snapping up pictures around Versailles and Paris.

If you follow the tips outlined above, you will be well on your way to finding jobs with bicycles.