Joining a New Writing Site

Joining a New Writing Site is like entering a new congregation for the first time. You don’t know what to expect, you hope you will be accepted. You hope you haven’t made a mistake.

What you need to do, before you join, is a bit of investigation. In real life you ask people, you look around a bit, maybe even have a few quiet visits. On line, you have a few more tools at your disposal.

The first thing to do is read the Terms of Service. And Read them carefully. You might think that this site doesn’t take your copyright, however way way down at paragraph (P) subsection (34), sub-subsection (xxiv) {in point 6 type} is some reference that can be translated to mean that the first time you get revenue from the site, everything you’ve published there belongs to the site, even if you only got 10c.

You can always check if you’ve lost your copyright when you try to delete an article. If you can’t delete, then you’ve lost your copyright.

The second thing you can do is a Search. Enter the site name +scam or +rip off to read what others have to say about the site. You might find yourself over at a blog or at a comment section beneath an article. One of the sure give-aways that something is not ‘right’ with a writing site are the number of fanatics who personally attack anyone who suggests their site is a scam. Although most users don’t seem to realise that many ‘guests’ on a site are just one person, (usually the site owner) who is defending himself.

When you decide to post that first article, pay attention to your spelling, grammar, and especially your paragraphs. One huge paragraph is hard to read and detracts from your value.

Tagging is always problematic and you might need to consult a ‘keyword’ helper. Better to go for too many tags than too little.

Some sites claim to be moderated. There are a few in which the mods are quite active and insure only the best work is published. Others give an item the merest skim. Some sites actually allow trolling in the comments or articles which are simply attacks on other writers as a ‘fair comment’. You might want to think twice about joining a site in which this kind of behaviour is tolerated.

Some have wonderful communities where the writers help each other.

Always try to find those sites which pay, which have useful moderation, and where the other writers become like family.