Jon Brion: ParaNorman Soundtrack

Jon Brion ParaNorman

The ParaNorman soundtrack is composed by Jon Brion, a pop and rock multi-instrumentalist. Besides being a film scorer, Brion is also a songwriter, singer and record producer. Born in New Jersey, Brion comes from a muscially-inclined family. Both of his parents were musicians. His father was a band director and his mother was a singer. He left school at an early age to pursue a career as a professional musician. His early career was spent performing with various bands. Among the bands he worked with were The Excertps, The Bats, World’s Fair, Jellyfish, and The Grays. While he was with The Bats, they released one album and a single. The album was called How Pop Can You Get?

Jon Brion: Composer of the ParaNorman Soundtrack
Brion is also an accomplished record producer. His first work as a producer was Aimee Mann’s solo album called Whatever that was released in 1993. He also produced the follow-up album called I’m With Stupid which was released a couple of years later in 1995. From there, Brion went on to work with a lot of well-known singers and musicians like Rufus Wainwright, Eleni Mandell, Robyn Hitchcock, Fiona Apple, The Crystal Method, Evan Dando, Kanye West, Keane, Dido, Of Montreal, Brad Mehldau, Katy Perry and the Punch Brothers.

Brion started composing scores for films in 1996 when he worked on the score of Hard Eight with Michael Penn. This began a frequent working relationship with the director Paul Thomas Anderson. Brion went on to score most of the director’s films like Magnolia and Punch Drunk Love. Brion’s other works include scores for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Break-Up, Synecdoche New York, Step Brothers, Glago’s Guest and The Other Guys.

The ParaNorman soundtrack will be Brion’s second score for an animated movie. He previously worked in a computer animated short film called Glago’s Guest. The short film was directed by Chris Williams. It will be very interesting to see how Brion created the score for ParaNorman. He without a doubt has the experience and talent to pull it off but ParaNorman is a very different material with regards to the other films that he previously worked with. The ParaNorman trailers sampled some of the composer’s music and they do sound great. However, we cannot judge a whole soundtrack based on a sample we have heard.

About The Movie
Produced by Laika, the company that created the awesome animated film Coraline, ParaNorman is a stop-motion animated film. It’s stop motion so you can just imagine the hard work and unbelievable patience that the filmmakers invested in the movie. Directed by Chris Butler and Am Fell, ParaNorman is about a small town boy who has the ability to listen and speak with the dead. He is voiced in the film by Kodi Smit-McPhee.

The ParaNorman soundtrack will be released a week or two before the movie opens in theaters.