Juice Cleanses- Restore Body, Mind and Soul

Melbourne has an active vegan community on the lookout for new trends in healthy living. Juice cleanses are rapidly becoming popular in the city. We explain how dieters can have a successful cleanse:

Remove Reliance on Solid Food

Our body has a powerful recall for solid food. We have been conditioned since childhood to eat at fixed mealtimes. Most solid food is made with an eye of taste rather than health. So before going on a juice cleanse, dieters should first remove their body’s reliance on solid food. If you are not vegan already, switch to vegan food a week before beginning the juice cleanse. Eliminate white flour products like cake, pasta, and bread from the diet. Try to reduce the quantities gradually. Three days before cleanse begins, switch to eating cold soup for meals, with plenty of water between meals and some helpings of nutrient fruit like bananas. This adjustment period prepares your body for a period where you will be consuming only juice.

Get Medical Advice before Starting a Cleanse

Dieters should get a medical professional’s opinion before starting on a rigorous juice cleanse. A professional opinion helps in avoiding allergy-triggering ingredients as well as removing disorder-causing items from juice cleanse. This particularly applies to diabetics and sufferers of kidney disease. Diabetics are highly susceptible to high quantities of fruit sugar, while patients recovering from renal disorder should avoid juices with large amounts of minerals.

Rearrange your daily schedule

Juice cleanses should be taken as a restorative treatment. So dieters should not pair the cleanse with regular work or taxing activity like travel or hard labour. The best way is to schedule the cleanse during a period of less work activity or during a scheduled work break. An added benefit is that dieters can re-join regular life refreshed and alert and completing their cleanse. Along with physical exertion, emotional stress can also take a toll on the diet. Sometimes, the body’s response to such stress manifests as hunger pangs. So the time of the pressed juice cleanse should be a neutral period where extremes of exercise and emotion are avoided.

Prepare an exercise routine

Dieters should eschew heavy exercise during the period of the juice cleanse. Heavy exercise depletes the body’s energy levels and disrupts electrolyte balance, leading to food cravings. The optimum exercise routine should be slow cycling, stretching and meditation. At all times, avoid heavy exertion on an empty stomach to avoid abdominal cramps.

An Opportunity for Mental Restoration

Dieters can use a juice cleanse as an opportunity to flush mental toxins like anger, sadness and antipathy away from the body. The juice cleanse should be seen as a restoration of the mind to its pristine state. Meditation helps in restoring mental calm. Keep a small notebook at hand to document the thoughts that come during the juice cleanse and use the opportunity to make peace with oneself.

End the Cleanse on a High Note

Dieters can end their juice cleanse well by gradually returning to solid food in reverse order- by switching to cold vegetable soup for some days before restarting solid food intake. Vegan food lets dieters maintain the benefits of the juice cleanse for a longer period. Non-vegan dieters can eliminate meat, poultry, and high-fat dairy products from the diet.


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