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Jerry Hicks Death

I am a fan of the Hicks message, that said I loved the article: ‘Does Jerry Hicks’ Death From Cancer Mean The End of Abraham-Hicks?’ and all the articles that followed that thread. I have studied with many teachers and without exception those that don’t see the humor of being human fall far short of living up to the teachings that they bring.
The message that Jerry and Ester brought is older then the Greeks, it is at the core of most practices. What they didn’t do is provide a way to align the parts of our minds that have been trained since birth to reject the idea of a universe no more substantial then a reflection of light. That is why most established mystic paths (Sufi, Taoist, Tibetan Monk Training or Shamanism to name a few) make sure that the student has released “The Influences of The World”. There is a Sufi saying that captures this idea perfectly:
To make a gem shine you don’t add sparkle, you take away the dirt and stone.
Nothing can be added to a person that will yield any real change until the dirt and debris have been removed. Most of us don’t have the ability to not think another negative thought. Nor do most of us have the ability to extract ourselves from a life gone amuck.
I believe that Jerry did not take the time to turn his core believes about the world to reflect the message that he set in motion.
Death, what’s the big deal. Anyone who cannot use his or her death to see the humor of life should not be teaching in the world of Spiritual Teaching. You are going to die, the body has a limit, and even if you can extend the life of the body for a thousand years the body is going to die. Its one of the few things almost all of us can agree on, you are born and you die.
I have studied with many teachers and the person is the message. Hear the truth of what is said and see how the teacher lives that message. But manly use what they say and see if it helps. Any good teacher does not need to be affirmed by their students. Seeking that can create diss-ease in the teacher. I believe that is what happened to Jerry and Hicks’ Inc.
Mankind will always seek a way to mitigate the seemingly crippling weight of life. As insufficient as Jerry and Ester’s message might have been it did lessen the weight of life for many of us. “God Bless The Dead”
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