Just What Causes Lower Back Pain? – Finding the Source Can Lead to Relief

If you are suffering from lower back pain, it is important to know what causes lower back pain so that you can properly treated. There are a number of health concerns that can cause your pain, so knowing what causes lower back pain in your specific instance is important so that you don’t treat your back improperly and cause yourself even more trouble. Below are the more common complaints of lower back pain and what causes lower back pain for informational purposes only.

Degenerative, Herniated, or Torn Disc

Your spine takes a lot of punishment every day with all that twisting, lifting, and general abuse you allow yourself to take. What causes lower back pain in many instances is an injury to one of the small cartilage pieces in between the bones of your spine. These small cartilage pieces, called discs, act like shock absorbers for your spine. After awhile, the cartilage can begin to wear out, it can tear, or it can even become displaced and this will cause you tremendous pain. What causes lower back pain in this instance is the cartilage then can press against sensitive nerves. Sometimes exercises or physical therapy can help, but often surgery is required.


Sometimes what causes lower back pain is because of a problem with your disc, but it involves the vertebrae, or bones of your spine. Sometimes the discs can degenerate to the point that it allows your spinal vertebrae to rub against each other. Not only the bones sliding on other bones can cause you lower back pain, but as these vertebrae rattle around they can press on sensitive nerves much like a herniated disc can, which can be what causes lower back pain for you. If this is what is happening to you, surgery is almost always required to correct the condition.

Stenosis of the Spine

Sometimes what causes lower back pain is just symptomatic of the aging process, and that’s essentially what spine stenosis is. Spine stenosis is what happens when your spinal column begins to narrow, reducing the space for your nerves to properly function, which is what causes lower back pain in this instance. This is usually caused by bone spurs that have developed as a symptom of another health issue.

Muscle Pulls & Strains

When it comes to what causes lower back pain, probably the most common cause of it is a simple muscle pull or strain. Just simple, everyday use can cause you to develop lower back pain, and if you lift something heavier than normal or move in a way that is not usual for you, you can cause all sorts of grief for yourself. The good news is that pulls and strains are usually quick to heal as long as you rest and take care of yourself.

These are very common health concerns when it comes to having lower back pain. Whatever your individualized problem is, knowing what causes lower back pain is what it takes to take the first step in what is sometimes a long journey in finding lower back pain relief.