Justin Bieber Promotes Proactiv Acne Prevention Product

Acne is a problem for many teenagers, even Justin Bieber! According to the Proactiv website, it was Justin Bieber who contacted Proactiv because he wanted to share with his fans how good this product is.

Proactiv is an acne prevention product that many celebrities have promoted. From Jessica Simpson to Katy Perry and now superstar teen sensation Justin Bieber, Proactiv sales are expected to rise.

The Proactiv Complete Acne Treatment System includes 3 steps for users to achieve clean, clear skin. First the skin is cleansed using the medicated Renew cleanser. This helps to clean out the pores and thereby keeps acne from happening.

Next users are to follow with the Revitalize alcohol-free toner. This won’t leave your skin feeling tight or dry; just clean and refreshed. Users then follow up with Repair treatment. This is a light medicated lotion that is designed to be gentle on the skin but goes deep into clogged pores. It is oil-free and safe to use on your entire face.

Teenagers who are Justin Bieber fans will be signing up to buy Proactiv. Millions of dollars are made every year in this country on products that promise to reduce acne and keep it under control. The Proactiv Complete Acne Treatment System is promoted by some very trendy celebrities and either the company has a lot of money to spend on marketing or these celebrities really do believe in the Proactive products.

Acne is not just a teenage problem. Men and women in their 30’s can often still have trouble with acne breakouts. The Proactiv plan, when followed correctly, can make your skin clearer. It is a routine that you need to follow to get the promised results of clearer skin.

You won’t find this product in the aisle of acne prevention products in your local drugstore. Proactiv is only available online, through mail order or by phone. They do offer a generous money back guarantee but you do need to be careful when you sign up to receive Proactiv products. You can receive a 90 day supply which will be automatically reordered unless you specify that you just want the first 90 day supply only. The credit card you use will be automatically charged so be careful when you sign up for this product.

Acne is not something that a teenager has to accept. Proactiv does get excellent reviews from many people. It is worth giving it a try in spite of Justin Bieber’s promotion of the product.