Kakolat – Unhidden Natural Waterfall in Bihar

Picnic in Kakolat

I am telling you a original story of my life. I make a plan for a picnic. My family had decided to go Kakolat. I was so excited because first time I would go to see natural waterfall. Then I was fifteen years old. I reached to kakolat at 10am. I never seen as beautiful waterfall as Kaolat. It is so amazing. Waterfall is very high. Waterfalls is approximately 160 feet (49m) in height.

My family took bath and cooked some foods. I really enjoy every moment with my family. It is one of the best picnic in my life. Kakolat is unhidden natural beauty from other part of India. Many people unknown from this beauty. Through this article I want to spread this monuments. It is covered by green forest. so it’s makes the place pleasant . The scene is panoramic due to greenery. This area is restricted by Bihar government. The opening time is 7a.m and closing time is 6p.m. Everyone must be left this place before 6 p.m.

Tourist Attraction

Kakolat is an old travel destination in Bihar State. It is a natural waterfalls of cold water. Kakolat Waterfalls are located 33 km from Nawada in Bihar. It is also nearby border of Jharkhand. Kakolat Bihar waterfalls is wonder of nature situated on Kakolat hill. It is beautiful hill station. It is one of the wonder place in Bihar, India. Kakolat waterfall has become an increasingly popular tourist attraction in Bihar. Tourist comes from all over the state and see beauty of nature. For traveling best season is Summer. The people come here to spent weekend here. It is one of the coldest place in Bihar. Water is very cold. Climate is very cool and pleasant. Their beauty attracts the tourist. Here a big fair is held on an occasion of bishua. On this occasion many tourist comes from all over the state.

It is a natural water falls. Green forests and a calm and serene atmosphere make it a favorite haunt for tourists. The cold water falling into the natural reservoir makes the spot ideal for water sports including swimming and playing water ball. One can enjoy mountain climbing and trekking in the forest. It is believed that Pandavas had visited the falls during their exile. You can go through and see many tourist places in India.

This Bihar waterfall offer eye-catching and picturesque views to the visitors and travelers passing by this beautiful Kakolat waterfall are forced to stop by and enjoy its gushing cold waters of this waterfall.