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The Best Ways to Keep Cats Off Your Car


Cats are one of those animals which you see A LOT! Whether or not you are a cat person and have a cat as your pet, you would still see kitties and cats outside playing and just doing cat things. One of these cat things include finding comfortable and warms spots where they can laze around and nap around, like your car, and they love it. So what can you do to keep cats off your car?

One of the most common and one of the most favorite spot for kitties to nap on are cars! Yes that’s right! This is because cars are warm and hot and this warmth comforts them. They absolutely love jumping on your car’s hoods and scratching it with their paws. No matter what you do, no matter how many times you shoo them away or scare them, you simply cannot find a way to stop them from jumping on your hood and leaving paw prints and scratches! We understand you pain and that is why have listed down a number of ways you can use to scare or shoo cats away from your beloved vehicle!

The Best Way to Keep Cats off Your Car is to Show them Who’s Boss

Actually, that’s impossible because the cat is always in charge. Yes, you know it’s true. The cat does and goes where she wants and all that we can do is clean up after them, but our car? Yes, that’s probably a boundary that we will surely fight for.

The ScatMat: make use of a ScatMat which is a mat that makes use of static to scare off cats whenever they come on to nap on your car. Instead of the usual alarm, it uses static because alarms can cause noise pollution and disturb the whole neighborhood. By making use of a ScatMat, the cats usually get scared and after a scare or two, don’t come in again. The ScatMat usually costs between 20 to 40 dollars, but it all depends upon the size you buy.

Cayenne pepper: if you are looking for a cheap and an immediate solution to keep cats off your car, then cayenne pepper is your guy! It is an ingredient which is available readily at homes and is super cheap! All you need to do is to sprinkle a teaspoon or two cayenne pepper around the car and a bit on the hood as well. Cayenne pepper has been known to shoo away the cats. After a few days, the cats would get irritated and decide to abandon your car and look out for a new one to nap on. Note that you need to sprinkle cayenne pepper on a daily basis till the cats leave. If after a few days the kitties decide to visit again, sprinkle it on again!

CatStop: a CatStop is an alarm which is made just for kitties. It emits a high pitched sound which only the cats and animals can hear. It has a range of about twenty ft. which is good enough!

Ultrasound pet alarm: this product works like an alarm, but for kitties. It goes off every time it detects motion on your car (great way to keep of thieves as well). The only downside to this is that it can be very noise and with even a single touch it can go off!

Many people make use of mothballs as well to keep cats off your car. We would recommend not to use this means since it can be very toxic for the cats and can even risk their lives (all 9 of them!)

The Best Ways to Keep Cats Off Your Car
Morris Bradley
Morris is a contributing author with Seekyt. I'm an ENFP on the Myers-Briggs personality test. I am an environmental consultant who works with developing countries and developing communities to help them become more environmentally sustainable and economically self-sustaining.

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