Keep Photos safe – these record your Family History on Earth

No do not laugh. How many people are searching for their family history records. These photos will show that you were once here on this earth. It could even help your family find you, as someone may recognize your picture in one of the family search records.

Most of us love taking photos, but how many of us really like having our own photo taken. Personally I hate seeing a camera pointed in my direction and disappear as soon as I do if its possible. I know that we need to have the odd one taken to satisfy other family members to put in their albums. And yes that is the only reason I submit to this horror.

Keeping your family photos safe

That is important. How many times have you seen a family distraught because they have lost all their possessions in a fire. It is the photos of loved ones that may never be replaced and are lost for all time. Unless they were sensible enough to have a backup copy of them.

The best thing to do is give a copy of the more precious family photos to another relative for safe keeping. That way, you know that there is another copy if the worst scenario does occur. I know we do not want anything to happen although sometimes a freak storm or cyclone may destroy our home and our possessions.

So doesn’t it make sense to have a backup copy of those photos?

If the worst does happen and some of those photos have been damaged, there is still hope. You may be able to repair them with a little bit of practice. You can do this in either paint shop pro, or with photo shop.

I have written an article that may help you to repair torn or damaged photos with the software program Jasc paint shop pro.

But remember wherever you keep your photos, be sure to make sure they are in a safe place like in a fireproof safe or by giving someone a copy of them. Believe me I have been given some precious photos of my grandparents and I would never have got them if someone had not thought to keep them safe.