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Keep yourself warm on cold nights with an electric hot water bottle

Trying to keep warm on a bone-chilling wintry night just got easier with the electric hot water bottle. This device is not the same old water bottle your grandmother used to keep handy. Instead, in the latest upgrade, the electric hot water bottle can heat up in a few minutes by being plugged in and doesn’t require anyone to put a kettle on the stove. Modern materials and methods make this the easiest way to get toasty warm during a cold spell.

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It’s convenient, quick to heat up, and provides long-lasting heat

Keep yourself warm on cold nights with an electric hot water bottle. Unlike bulky electric blankets, customers get the soft padding of a heated pillow-like container that stays heated for up to six hours! However, it only takes 10 to 15 minutes to heat up. That can make it ultra-convenient to plug in, walk away, put the kids to bed, without the hassle of running off to take the kettle off the stove when it starts to sing. Once the kids are snug in their beds, mom or dad can detach the electric hot water bottle and send them to bed with a warm hug that lasts most of the night.

It’s safe and portable

Keep yourself warm on cold nights with an electric hot water bottle. Hot water bottle users don’t have to deal with room heaters that can catch things on fire and it can’t give them a shock once it’s detached from the outlet. It’s also the ease of portability that makes these types of devices so popular. They work great at home in bed, on the couch, or even, in a chilly office space. One could even take them camping, as long as you had a place to plug them in to get them started.

Spot-treat aching bones too

Keep yourself warm on cold nights with an electric hot water bottle. On rainy days, the dampness can seep into the house, making it cold and miserable. It’s even worse when a person has a debilitating condition like arthritis that can kick into high gear with chilly weather. However, one doesn’t have to have an illness to feel lousy during cold spells. People who injure a bone at any time of their life may feel sore during inclement weather on that very spot. However, if they have their electric hot water bottle handy, they can mould it to the exact spot that needs the therapeutic heat to reduce the pain. That’s not even possible with space heaters.

Electric hot water bottles are easy on the budget

One doesn’t have to buy an expensive electric blanket to get the same benefits of electric heat for most of the night. They are so budget-friendly that people often buy more than one, so that each member of the family can have their own electric hot water bottle. However, even buying just two allows most families to share them on nights when they need a little extra heat under the covers. Since each one is not a huge investment, you can buy one at a time until everyone has one of their own.

People starting a collection of electric hot water bottles to help stay warmer this winter or on cold, rainy, days can shop for innovative electrical appliances like these on the Tim Lodge. They offer electric hot water bottles in a range of colors and textures to help keep the cold winter nights at bay.

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