Keeping love Alive

I often wonder what happened
by tracysmith159

What happened to our love.
It was so strong
so passionate
where did it all go?

We used to love being near
now we are so far.

We used to talk
now we just yell

We both lonely
but not for each other

Love is gone
I wonder what happened?

Sadly that poem is what happens to many loves. People feel the lust, the passion, the excitement of a new love. Then time and life continues on and the love becomes old and can fade. It doesn’t have to be this way.

What make love last? Getting to really know each other, take time to understand each other, and lots of work. I believe in love at first sight. One date with my husband and I moved into his apartment three days later while he was at work. I didn’t ask, just did. Why? I had a feeling and I knew it was right. Married for a long time, so it worked.

It hasn’t all been easy. We argue, but I always remember why I love him so. We know each other extremely well. We are each others best friend which also make really good arguing too. We both know we always be here for each other, never break each other heart (at least not on purpose), and although we may argue and yell, we always take time in the end to talk it all out.

Want to keep your love alive?
Take time out for each other
Look at your relationship from a 3rd party point of view once in a while
talk about everything
Don’t keep secrets

Those are some keys to having a good relation with your spouce and keeping your love alive. It really does take work. Couples argue over kids, money, family, and opinions but you have to remember why you love them and keep that love alive.