Keeping Squirrels Out of Bird Feeders With This One Ingredient

As a nature lover, I love to feed the squirrels and chipmunks as much as I love feeding the birds, but it does get frustrating when the squirrels steal all the bird food after they finish their own.

So, after some research I found out that squirrels and chipmunks cannot stand chili peppers of any kind and no matter how tasty that bird seed looks they will stay away if you give your birds the right food.

Birds are not Bothered by Crushed Chili Peppers

After doing more research I discovered that birds will eat the bird seed even with crushed chili peppers in it. So, after making this discovery, I went on a search to find prepared seed that had the chili peppers in it and discovered it online. This is a good quality seed that my backyard birds love.

No Squirrels Bird Seed

From my personal experience I can tell you that this does in fact work. I filled my feeders with this food and I still attracted my usual birds and then the usual squirrels that managed to get to the feeders basically stopped in their tracks. The one grey squirrel looked around and then jumped to the ground and I have had no more problems.

Give the Squirrels and Chipmunks Their Own Feeder

I also found by creating feeders for the other backyard critters that it kept them away from the birds. I found really cute feeders for the squirrels that can hold a corn cob and you can purchase formed cobs online. I find the squirrels spend a lot of time gnawing on it instead of the trying to get the seed.

I also stock peanuts in the shell which the chipmunks and squirrels absolutely love. You can get cute feeders that will house these peanuts in a shell. You can hang it from a tree to keep them busy and working for their snacks.

Squirrel Feeder

I find when everyone has their own area to eat snacks that you are actually entertained by nature. As I sit on my back deck I can watch the birds feeding and the squirrels and chipmunks feeding in another part of the yard. But the best part is the chipmunks have decided that us human feeders are the best of all!

This is a chipmunk helping himself to a few nuts in my hubby’s pocket while we relaxed outside on the deck. In Ontario we have long winters, so it is nice to see all the backyard critters such as the birds and the squirrels during the winter. The chipmunks hibernate, so it is nice to see them in the spring.

So, if you have been fighting with the squirrels, then play the game differently. My dad used to spend hours greasing up the bird feeder pole, or adding shields, but somehow they would find a way, so simply make the seed unattractive to them and get the “hot bird seed” that squirrels despise and birds love. Don’t worry, you will not notice anything different, it is just a hint of chili but the squirrels hate it.

You will be surprised just how long your bird seed lasts, simply by keeping squirrels out of bird feeders and giving them their own little area to eat. It is a wonderful way to enjoy your yard. In actual fact I have large bluejays that will go after the peanuts in a shell in the squirrel area, so the tables are turned! This is now my favourite bird seed. There are so many great products you can get to create your own little oasis outside to enjoy your visiting friends such as a floating solar bird bath fountain or setting up outdoor privacy screens enjoy nature at its best!