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My Keurig B70 was one of my best purchases to date. I was always the one to use enough coffee grounds to make an entire pot of coffee, only to drink just a cup or two. My Keurig B70 totally solves that problem! The Keurig B70 allows me to use the “my K cup” and just put a single cup worth of grounds. It has saved me so much money!

The machine itself also doesn’t take much time at all to heat up. If you are a person that enjoys to try different types of coffee, there is a ton of different variety packs for all the different brands of coffee out there. I have tried a few of them. I’m not really fond of dark coffee, but it gives me the ability to try it. Some of them I have changed my mind about. But thats all a personal preference.

Another thing that I enjoy about the Keurig B70 is its very large water reservoir. I have the capabilities of making at least 5 cups of coffee before I need to refill it. It is a very neat feature since the water inside the machine is almost instantly heated up to temperature.

Another feature on the Keurig B70 that I have used is the ability to change the water temperature. The temperature can range from 187 degrees to 192 degrees. Its a small range, but it makes quite a difference when things get that hot!

A feature that I have yet to use on the Keurig B70 is the ability to turn it on at a certain time of the day. This would become very handy for the average person that wants to have their coffee at a certain time of the morning. The only thing that you would have to do is allow it to have time to warm up before you needed it, so setting it 5 minutes before you got up would be the ideal situation. I am very surprised I have yet to use this feature since I have to get up at a certain time every day and I always forget to turn it on right away. That leaves me hanging for a cup of coffee! One of these days I will remember to set that feature up so I can use it.

The last feature that I would like to talk about on the Keurig B70 is how long it stays hot for. Currently I have my Keurig B70 to stay hot for 2 hours past the last time a cup of coffee was made. You can also set it to stay on until you turn it off, but I opted out of that feature just incase I forgot about it. I definitely don’t want my coffee maker to be on all day long!

Keurig B70
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