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Keurig K40 Vs K65: Comparing the K40 and K65

K40 or K65 – Which is Best for You?

This brief account will compare two popular Keurig coffee machines the K40 Elite against the K65, by firstly providing an objective overview of each — so you get a clear idea as to what each model can offer you and then from that we will highlight the differences (& similarities), so you can clearly identify which model is best suited for you & your coffee needs.

K40 Elite Overview

This brewing system is designed as a single cup, domestic machine that is ‘ideal for that early morning’ and ‘for when you are relaxing’. To use the K40 Elite simply insert a specialized coffee K-Cup, once the water has boiled, hit the ‘power button’, choose the cup size & you’re done (should take well under 2 minutes).

With regards to specifications you are offered two cup sizes to choose from either an 8 oz (240 ml) and 10 oz (300 ml) and is capable of storing up to 48 oz (1.42 Liters) of water in the removable reservoir. Moreover, it is installed with the quiet brew technology as well as the energy savings auto turn off mode (when it hasn’t been in use for over 2 hours).

Dimensions: 13 by 9.8 by 13.3 inches | Weight: 12 lbs (5.4 kg) | Rating: 76% (source: Keurig.com) |

K65 Overview

The K65 is a slightly more ‘premium’ & sleek looking coffee machine with integrated chrome accents designed to produce almost any hot beverage (coffee, tea, hot chocolate) to a truly excellent quality — within just one minute (from hitting the ‘go’ button). You use the K65, very much like the K40, wait for it to boil, pop-in the K-cup choose your cup size and you will have a quality hot beverage in no time.

It also hosts numerous useful features such as: the back-lit LCD display system, with an aspect where you can set the precise water temp, a digital clock and also of course comes with the energy saving auto on & off feature, and quit brew technology too — you also get the choice of an extra cup size as well (6 oz, along with 8 oz & 10 oz). Moreover, the water reservoir is slightly bigger as well — being 60 oz and also comes with a water & charcoal filter too. Note: if you get the special ed. of the K65, it will come with an installed removable drip tray for dealing with travel mugs and the like.

Dimensions: 13 by 9.8 by 13.3 inches | Weight: 12 lbs (5.4 kg) | Rating: 74% (source: Keurig.com) |

The Difference Between the K40 and K65

So just to quickly go over the differences — the K65 offers you an additional cup size to choose from, a larger water reservoir, an advanced LCD display (which comes with an array of settings e.g. the clock, precise water temp) and is fitted with two additional filters for further water purification (and a removable drip tray).

Which Coffee Machine Should You Get the K40 or K65?

Clearly, the K65 is the better coffee machine, however this is reflected in the price — so it is up to you really whether you think the difference in price between the K40 Elite and K65 is justified with the all extra added and improved features which the K65 offers. For me personally, I believe it does (particularly, as at the time of writing this, there is only a difference of about $40 between them — you can compare their best prices at Amazon.com).

Also, if you have any questions or remarks about the comparison of the K40 Vs K65 then please leave them below (and if this article helped you at all, please help me out by giving it a like/share).

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