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Keurig K65 Vs K75: ULTIMATE Comparison of the K65 & K75

K65 or K75 – Which is Best for You?

The Keurig K65 and K75 are two of Keurigs most popular models and the choice between the Keurig K65 Vs K75, proves time & time again to be a tricky decision for most. Well, this very comparison guide aims to help you decide which is the right machine for you. Firstly, providing you with an oversight of each one, so you get an idea exactly as to how each machine works and what it can offer you. Then swiftly moving on to highlight (& recap) the significant differences between the K65 and K75 & coming up with an eventual overall winner (for ‘value for money’ & performance). See for a quick summary comparison just below.

The Winner: Keurig K75 Coffee Machine

Keurig K65 Review

The K65 has stood as always a decent & affordable coffee machine to go for, always providing you with a fresh cup of quality coffee (as well as tea, cocoa or even iced beverages). Also, since this specific model (right) is a ‘Special Edition’ K65, its updated heating elements are so effective, that it can provide you with a hot mug in less than a minute, from the touch of one button (pretty amazing, compared to other coffee makers).

Integrated Brewing Technology

The K65 also comes with ‘quiet brew technology’, making it not silent, but pretty quiet (especially compared to some other Keurig machines) as well an energy saving feature (whereby it turns itself off after 2 hours of inactive use). Moreover, as you can see from the image, it has a ‘touch programmable control’ blue LCD panel from which you can alter an array of brewing settings — with regards to what temperature you want it boiled to etc. as well as a digital clock.

Specifications & Features

With regards to specific features, the Keurig K65 offers you a choice of three cup sizes: 6 ounce, 8 ounce and 10 ounce – which is basically just your small, regular and large mugs that most people are used to. In terms of size, the K65 measures 13 by 9.8 by 13.3 inches, so is large enough to hold a rather substantial 60 oz removable water reservoir (so six large cups of coffee) – with which it has the water filter system and charcoal filter in place. Furthermore, it its integrated with a drip tray that acts to accommodate for filling travelling mugs. You of course also get the bonus 12 K-cup variety selection.

Final Thoughts

You can find the Keurig K65’s best price being at around $125, so definitely proves to offer awesome value for money. In all, it provides a quality performance, however is somewhat ‘basic’ with regards to features & options — but it is clear to see why it so well loved and popular (rating: 88%), given it is such a consistent and high performer.

Keurig K75 Review

This Keurig’s, ‘premium’, top of the range brewing system & proves itself as one of the best coffee machines around. They have basically built on same foundations as the Keurig K65 and have either added to it or improved its aspects. So it still offers the same brewing options: tea, coffee etc. all of which can be done within a minute & is entirely programmable via the LCD display. A lot of the clever tech is still used as well like the patented quiet brew technology & energy saving mode.

Specifications & Features

You will also notice that its similar in design, but not quite — the Keurig K75 does take on a somewhat similar finish in comparison to the K65 — but it has been slightly remodeled to be ‘Award Winning’, given the practical and ergonomic touches it has to it (you also can get it in three different colors: black, mocha & platinum). Moreover, it offers you a range of five cup sizes, an added extra small (4 oz) and extra large (12 oz) as well as an even larger 72 oz removable water capacity (so as you might have guessed it is even larger in terms of dimensions too 13 by 10.3 by 13.8 inches) along with the drip tray.

Final Thoughts

The extra added touches, the improved capacity & great brewing options, clearly makes the Keurig K75 ‘the’ best about. But, the truly great thing is that it is not ‘that’ much more expensive than the K65, despite all the extra value it offers — you can easily find one new to buy at around the $160 to $170 mark, less than a $40 difference (comparing Keurig K65 Vs K75 price tags). So with all the added value it provides, the K75 is the clear way to go.

What’s the Difference Between the K65 and K75?

  • Brew Size Options – the Keurig K65 offers 3 cup sizes whereas the K75 provides 5 options.
  • Water Tank Capacity – the K65 has a 60 oz and K75 comes with a larger 72 oz.
  • Finish – the K65 only comes in the chrome, blue. K75 is available in three different finishes.

Also, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the comparison of the Keurig K65 Vs K75, then please be sure to make them just below. Moreover, if you have found this article helpful in anyway, giving it a like (heart) or share would be great for it — and much appreciated by its author.

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