Key Reasons To Go Neutral With Your Home Design

Are you a lover of all things bright and beautiful? Do you walk past a loud and lairy design in a homewares shop and find yourself placing that very design in your home? You’re not alone. Many people have embraced creativity and bravery in order to bring some much needed fun into their home design. However, although it is fantastic to use splashes of colour in your life, there are plenty of great reasons to stick to neutral colours as well, especially when it comes to your home design.
Neutral colours needn’t be a snooze fest, in fact they can be breathtakingly beautiful and pull out intricate and bold elements in your overall interior look.
Here are some key reasons to go neutral with your home design:

Neutral Colours Enhance Other Elements Of The Room
Neutral colours will show off other elements of your design that can often be overlooked. Textures inparticular can come secondary to bright, bold colour schemes which is quite the shame when the textures and materials used deserve some attention. A neutral backdrop is the perfect setting for gorgeous, natural textures like raw brickwork, beaten pewter, rich untreated wood, thick cottons and linens, sumptuous velvets and gleaming wall tiles. If you paint your wall a bold colour, it means that any texture and material in the room naturally takes a backseat, because the bright colour draws the most attention. This isn’t a complete negative, but it does make it a lot harder to create a layered look. Many interior design processes involve layering a room up with textures, tones and furnishings in order to bring it to life and allow it to tell a story. So although you can achieve a layered look using bold colours, it is much easier to do so with neutral tones, allowing you much more room for design play.

You Won’t Get Bored
Although it’s always exciting and fun to splash a room with the brightest and boldest of colours and patterns, the feeling can often be short lived. Have you ever gone hell for leather on a loud room design only to find yourself planning it’sredesign months later after continually getting a headache looking at it? To avoid this expensive continual redesign, the best thing you can do is colour your room neutral. Select neutral wall tiles and floor tiles that go with everything, and then if the need takes you, add splashes of colour with easily replaceable elements like cushions or rugs. Neutral design is the only way you can securely protect the investment you made, because it never grows old or boring. If your creams, buttermilks or taupes bore you, you only have to add furnishings and even art to a room to get your colour hit, and it won’t cost you the amount of a full room redesign every time your tastes change.

You Can Make It Work In Any Setting, With Any Personal Style
Neutral tones can work for any person, in any type of home. Whether you live in a listed classic building, or a modern apartment, neutral tones will work for all settings. In fact, in converted buildings with lots of interesting elements like exposed beams and brickwork, neutral tones enhance the features of the property which would otherwise be lost with a bold colour scheme. Neutral tones also work with any personal style. So whether you love your vintage finds, love your art, embrace countryside chic or buy only the latest furniture – neutral is for you.

These are just a few great reasons to go neutral with your home design. By going neutral you’re guaranteed a long lasting, light, airy and welcoming look that enhances anything else you include in your design. So next time you’re choosing between orange wall tiles or white wall tiles, a fuschia wall or a duck egg wall – go neutral and save yourself a lot of redesign time, effort and money in the future.