Key Signs It’s Time to Contact Commercial Roofing Companies for Replacement

The commercial roofing that covers your business is tasked with a quite an undertaking. The roofing needs to protect your business from the elements, it must also deter pest infestation, and will aid in preventing utility and energy leakages. While roofing is designed to last for a very long time, there will be the day when it may come time to consider replacing it altogether. Certainly, with timely maintenance and repairs, you can ensure that greatest longevity of your roof. There are some key signs of disrepair that you should be aware of that can help you know when the time is right to start contacting commercial roofing companies to discuss replacement options and to generate quotes.

Telltale Signs You Need a New Commercial Roof
Knowing what to look for can go a long way in you ensuring that you do not experience a disaster with your roofing. It is always a good idea to consider calling out a roofing inspector at least one time per year to have the condition of your roof assessed. However, a personal assessment can also be made that can help you identify signs of disrepair. Use these tips to know what to look for when determining the condition of your roof.

• Water pooling on rooftop: Inspect your roof following a heavy rain. You are looking for areas of water pooling on the rooftop. The two most common reasons why water will pool is due to clogged scuppers or clogged drains. The roof could also be sagging, causing water to pool. Any signs of pooling water should be professionally investigated and resolved.

• Sagging: Inspect the deck of your roof. It is found in the framing of the commercial building, and may require a professional to inspect. Look for signs of sagging, which are typically demonstrated by the shape of the frame. A sagging frame is the surest sign that you’ll need a new roof.

• Membranes that are cracked: Inspect the condition of the membranes on the roof. A key sign of membranes in disrepair include the showing of asphalt, cracked, pealing or dry membranes, and missing granules of ceramic.

• Look for bubbles on the top of the roof: Some types of roofing membranes will actually form noticeable bubbles when they are disrepair. Make sure you check for these, and keep in mind they may vary depending upon what roofing type that you have on your commercial property.

• Other things to consider: The aforementioned are just a few of the many associated issues that can be attributed to a commercial roof in disrepair. Make sure you also check for odd noises and shifts in the frame that holds up your roofing. Check the ceiling for brownish water marks, which can signify that your roof is leaking water and is not properly sealed. Inspect for noticeable signs of pest infestation, a sure sign that your roof has been compromised. Have your roof inspected to confirm or redact any associated concerns, and to remedy any found issues with repair or replacement.