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Key Steps to Making Your Business a Zero Landfill Complier

The prospect of the zero landfill objective is an important one that many businesses are seeking more information about as the world leans more towards an environmentally friendly and sustainable future. According Green Plus, the Institute for Sustainable Development, there are a number of different benefits that this has to offer to businesses, the economy and the world. For starters, the recycling industry is estimated to generate more jobs than waste management services, about 60 times more than the jobs that are created by landfills. In addition, landfills do not generate profits of any kinds and cost taxpayers countless millions each year to operate and sustain. And, as far as global warming is concerned, current estimates purport that landfills account for the emission of as much as 70 million tons of methane gases each year, a key gas that contributes to global warming. Lastly, recycling can be profitable, and has the potential to generate millions of dollars in revenue annually via repurposed content buyers. Converting your business to this ideology requires that you first identify the following steps that must be taken in order to do so.

Step One: Assessment
The first step that you will need to take is found in assessing your current waste usage plan. How are you managing your waste and how much waste are you creating that could be repurposed? This involves everything from implementing recycling centers in your business to considering post consumer waste such as cardboard, one of the biggest elements of waste that businesses create.

Step Two: Establish Benchmarks
The next step is to establish the benchmarks that you want to meet for your business. What methods and plans can you enact that will enable your business to meet your recycling and waste management goals, and how can you go about implementing them to achieve the desired outcome?

Step Three: Management
You will want to create a team that is tasked with overseeing and managing this important transition. Management can host company meetings to gather input to assist in establishing logistics. They can also interview employees and begin to gather information on what key areas of waste should be addressed foremost, and what is necessary to implement a strong plan of action.

Step Four: Progress
Have your management team meet regularly with you to update you on the progress that is being made. Gather information and compare it to review your benchmarks and assess any future goals and strategies. Work uniformly towards your goal, and outline key changes that can be implemented to help facilitate the meeting of key benchmarks.

Step Five: Have Your Business Audited for Waste Management
Consider bringing in a third-party firm to audit your business for waste management. This is much like an accounting audit, but for your waste. Such audits can help you better understand how you can make key changes to comply with a zero landfill policy, and how these changes may actually be able to profit your business in the long run through effective waste management procedures.

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