Key Things to Know Before Having a Facial Cosmetic Surgery Performed

Facial surgery is one of those things that you should consider for a long time before diving in. Once the surgery is performed, there is typically no going back to your old face. Even slight changes to bone structure can make a big difference when you are talking about cosmetic surgery. Here are some key things to know before you make the appointment to change your facial features for a new look.

You Need to be Healthy Before Going Under the Knife

If you already suffer from health issues that may make it difficult to go through surgery, you may not be a good candidate for cosmetic surgery. Even if the procedure is small and short, you will still need to be placed under anesthesia for the surgery. This can be a major chance with someone who is not in good health. Therefore, you should discuss your plastic surgery plans with your doctor and get a clean bill of health before undergoing elective surgery.

If you are overweight, losing some pounds is always a good idea. Losing weight can make you much healthier. Being in good health can also make sure that your results are more clear.

Healing Means Time Away

Though the surgery may have been a success, you will also need time to heal after the surgery is over. Different surgeries may take a different amount of time for recovery. For instance, if you are having a procedure done to your jaw, you may be unable to eat or speak properly for some time. For nose restructuring, you will be wrapped in bandages and will need to take time off work and strenuous activities.

Take at least a few weeks off after facial surgeries. For those who work full time, this may mean planning ahead. Accumulate as much vacation time as possible, then use paid time off to go through your healing process. This will keep you on good financial footing while still allowing you the necessary time to relax.

Getting Used to Your Look may Take Time

Getting in the groove of a new style always takes time. It may especially take time when the changes are to your face and are permanent. When you first look in the mirror after your surgery, you may not see the changes as a part of yourself yet. Give yourself a few weeks to a few months to adjust to your new look. Once you begin to adjust to the new structure, you may begin to feel your self-esteem raise.

The biggest thing that you must remember about your surgery is to have a clear-cut plan and speak with your doctor about your expectations. Knowing what finished outcome to expect from any kind of facial cosmetic surgery will help you select the right changes to make in your face. Knowing how the surgery will turn out will also prepare you for what you will look like long term. Get used to a beautiful new look by knowing what decisions to make before your surgery.