Keys to Improving and Maintaining Men’s Health

There are several keys to men’s health that will make your life more enjoyable if you make them routine. Obviously each person is different having physical and mental advantages and disadvantages. For that reason, some of the keys to men’s health that I’ll be presenting in this series are things you may not have any control over. But there are some things that you can do to improve and maintain male health.

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Dr. Ken Goldberg founded the first center specializing in male health in the United States. Here’s a quote from Dr. Goldberg in a WebMD Feature Article ‘Rather than tell men to have their prostates checked or to guard against heart disease, I urge them to drop the ‘bulletproof’ attitude, get involved in health screenings and realize that diseases can happen to anybody.’ Dr. Goldberg went on to say, “The National Institutes of Health has an office of women’s health but none for men.’ This article is Part I of this topic and centers around three intangibles for improving and maintaining men’s health, attitude, effort, and consistency.

Attitude – Mind Games

Motivation is going to be the key to having the right attitude in order for you to improve and maintain your health. It’s one thing to have a desire to improve and maintain your health but it’s another thing to decide to do something to improve and maintain your health. This is a decision you don’t want your personal physician to make because you’ve procrastinated until you have a health crisis. You have to value your health. The old saying is “You don’t miss what you’ve got until it’s gone.”


You’ve heard it said that, “You’ll get out of it what you put into it.” This is the principal of sowing and reaping. If you don’t put much effort into improving your health you won’t get much in the way of results. On the other hand, you may reap more strength, stamina, and personal satisfaction from hard work.


Make it a life long habit to be mentally, physically, and spiritually fit. No one cares more about you than you do and no one can apply these key elements to improve and maintain your health for you. One picture of consistency is when enough water in a stream runs over a rock long enough to wear the rock down to grains of sand. It’s also a picture of how much can be accomplished when you consistently apply these keys to improve and maintain your health.

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