Keywords for Marriage Content

I have a few topics that I am educated or have skills in. One of the topics that I have educated myself in is Marriage and relationships.  For the most part I have taken classes on marriage and relationships.   As  a result I have published a few articles at Seekyt on marriage, couples and relationships.  Know that the keywords that I have used have gotten me into some hot water from the writers at Seekyt who seem to think I am in violation?   This is I am concerned about the keywords, not sure what I am supposed to use?

engagement-637789_640I publish content on Marriage and romance. I write about it to improve the emotional bond and to make the union of couple a healthy one. Last night I published an article: Spice up your Marriage with Foreplay. I spoke about how you can excite your spouse with bedroom games. There was nothing off color about the article. It was normal foreplay that teaches couples to be intimate and to be creative.

I used books for my product on Amazon and I attached a video from eHow (found on youtube) I had adsense on my content for 15 seconds and then there was nothing. This article in comparison to my other intimate content articles was a walk in the park.

Because of the adsense situation I went in and edited the article I removed the amazon product and the video, I then removed all words pertaining to romance. All that was left was the words Spice up your marriage, adult dice, foreplay and bedroom games.

After all of the edits I still had no adsense so I deleted the article. What words are red flags when it comes to writing content for marriage or couples that pertains to their l relationships? Articles that are helpful. Articles that teach couples in long term marriages how to titillate their partner and to get back the spark they use to have.