News Kid's Christmas Stocking Fillers

Kid's Christmas Stocking Fillers


Looking for some great Christmas stocking fillers for your child this year?

Check out these inexpensive ideas that won’t decay your their teeth but still give them something they will love.

Christmas stocking fillers don’t have to be be just toys or candy. If you child is the right age for beginner books there are some great ones around that will easily fit into a stocking on Christmas Eve. They generally sell for around $3.99 and come in a large variety of topics and reading levels. I like the DK series for kids because of the great photos and stories. They are well written for kids with topics they love, like Dinosaur’s Day or Ponies and Horses.

Cheap Beginner Books

Kid's Christmas Stocking FillersKid's Christmas Stocking FillersKid's Christmas Stocking Fillers

Dinosaur’s Day Ponies and Horses Rockets and Spaceships

Pipsqueak Markers by Crayola are lovely markers to use (I’ve used them for my own artwork). They are smaller than standard markers so they should fit into most Christmas stockings – even if the package pokes out the top. Most kids love art supplies and this makes a creative stocking filler. The markers usually sell for just over $5 but Amazon has them for under the $5 amount.

If you would like to include a classic game in their Christmas stocking, why not try Pick Up Sticks. This game is fun way to help children’s coordination. It’s best suited to kids 8 years and up.

Uno is a favorite card game with kids aged 7 and up but it’s usually a bit pricey for a stocking filler – being nearly $10. Amazon has the original version of the card game for just $2 which makes them the perfect stocking filler at this price.

Kid's Christmas Stocking FillersKid's Christmas Stocking Fillers

Pipsqueak Markers Pick Up Sticks Uno

Beanie Babies are another great idea. There are lots to choose from like Waddle the Penguin (pictured). These can add something cute to a Christmas stocking for kids ages 3 and up.

Finally, if you would like to give your children more than a toy, book or candy – how about some homemade vouchers which kids can use for a trip to the park, a family board game night, extra movie or DSI time or even the chance to cook something special (their choice) with mum or dad.

Popular Beanie Babies

Kid's Christmas Stocking FillersKid's Christmas Stocking FillersKid's Christmas Stocking Fillers

Max and Ruby Baby Boots (Dora’s Monkey) Hello Kitty

Kid's Christmas Stocking Fillers
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