Kim kardashian's step father extreme transformation

Bruce jenner an american olympic gold medalist became a reality show star when he got married to kim kardashian’s mother,and participated in the reality show ‘keeping up with the kardashians ‘.

this show shows the life of the kardashians their love stories,shopping,problems and bruce was part of that show by being the step father of kim and her sisters and her brother.

He was the one that they go to him for help or advice,but these days Bruce made his own scandal when one time was wearing workout clothes he showed off his manicured nails,and from then cameras started following him everywhere.

On january 27,2015 he appeared to be sporting fuller lips while sat in his car,and he appeared rather pouty as he hid underneath a hat and sunglasses while making his way to his car in Malibu.

many rumors came to life when everyone started talking about bruce jenner’s transformation His wife reportadly outraged at the accusations being made about her ex-husband.

one time the camera’s shoot him wearing diamante earrings ,a french manicure and his signature ponytail.

In his birthday he celebrated his 65th birthday by getting a red manicure.Bruce jenner was spotted another time leaving a LA plastic surgeon’s office after reportedly having a procedure to soften the appearance of his adam’s apple.

THe first time he talked about his transformation in an interview with diana sawyer where he said all what he felt about what people said about him.It was an emotional interview when he said all what was going on with him he said that he always has the feeling that he is a woman not a man.

Since his childhood he was in two minds his soul of a woman but his body of a man.HE showed her his closet where he has dresses and jewelery.He said that he is very happy to reveal everything to his fans and fans of the reality show ‘keeping up with the kardashians’ and he said that he prefer to be pointed to him as she not he.

Opinions of fans deffers from one’s who are with his transformation and fans who are against and one’s who are neutral that every person has the freedom to choose to be in any gender that he feel confortable with .