Kim Kardashian's Wedding Workout and Diet Plan

TV show famous reality star Kim Kardashian engaged with NBA player Kris Humpries and their wedding happen on August 20. How does killer curves star Kim Kardashian stay in shape and slim down to sustain her fabulous, bodacious body in check for her big day wedding event?

Kim start trained 3 to 5 times per week with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson by involved in 5am cardio boot camp session.

‘I think the goal is to look her best like any bride — and groom for that matter! — and to be able to withstand the stress of a wedding,’ Peterson says.

Kim Kardashian Workout

Kim Kardashian already own a blushing bride-to-be body with routine workout. Now with help of her personal trainer Gunner Peterson, Kim had trainer with new modified fitness training routine.

Kim wedding workout are combines five exercise moves with more focus on high intensity cardio intervals to work your glutes, quads, obliques, abs, hips, core and lower part of body.

The reality star is also doing push-ups for arm and chest toning, medicine ball rotations for her abs; rear lunges to work her bottom and thighs, and a sled push for strength. Below are top 6 fitness moves that help Kim boost up her curves body with stunning look.

Step 1: Squat press – mainly tackle for glutes and shoulders muscles

Step 2: Rear Lunge With front Kick – Impacted muscles : glutes, quads and core

Step 3: Medball Rotations – This exercise will work on abs and obliques. Build cardio and abs muscles.

Step 4: Sled Push – work on glutes and core muscles

Step 5: Lateral Slid on Treadmill – Build strength and stamina with workout on hips, quads and core

Step 6: Push up to Mountain Climbers – This moves will workout on whole body muscles where combination of 5 rep push ups and stay in push-up condition

Kim Kardashian Wedding Diet Plan

Believe Kim Kardashian most properly will return back her old diet plan prior of her big day but this time she did make improvement by lowering down calories consuming per day. She start up with new diet breakfast plan with oatmeal with bananas then follow by lunch salad with grilled chicken, pinkberry with fruit and granola. Snack will go for carrots and low cal ranch. Last dinner with fish, vegetables, and green tea before bed. Total calories consumed: 1438 vs old diet plan calories 2263.

Kim also start with wedding slim down program by start using weight loss supplement QuickTrim that help her lost 15lbs previously. She definitely putting effort to shape and slim down her gorgeous body. Interested to know How Kourtney Kardashian weight loss plan after pregnancy? See Kourtney Kardashian Weight Loss, Workout and Diet Plan

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