News Kindle Case That Looks Like a Book

Kindle Case That Looks Like a Book


If you are in search of a Kindle case that looks like a book, you’ve come to the right place. Every Kindle owner should also have a case not only for protection, but also for style. A Kindle case that looks like a book is an excellent way of bridging the old world with the new age of technology. As more and more people purchase eBooks, you will see less people reading an actual book. Perhaps, sometime in the future, books with pages will become obsolete and forgotten, collecting dust in libraries. Nevertheless, there is a certain charm to a book that a Kindle or any other eBook cannot emulate. Book covers are magical and invoke curiosity in all of us. Amazon has a great selection of Kindle covers that look like books. Below, I have listed the three best Kindle cases that look like books.

Kindle Case That Looks Like a Book

Buy Now: Eco-nique Natural Brown Case

Only: $24.99

The Eco-nique Natural Hemp Brown case cover is beautiful, yet strong enough to protect the Kindle from any serious damage. In addition to holding the Kindle firmly in place, it also comes with a side pocket that you can use to keep your money, credit card, keys or passport. This is extremely helpful especially if you travel a lot and want to keep everything of importance in one place. In addition to the security and side pocket, the Eco-nique case is very comfortable to hold when opened, and folds back very smoothly. Unlike other cases, this case also does not muffle sound when using the Kindle’s text to speech feature. To buy or read reviews on Amazon, click here.

Buy Now: Verso Artist Series Case

Only: $39.99

The Verso Artist Series is another excellent Kindle case that looks like a book and is my personal favorite. The soft red cover showcases the artwork of Sharyn Sowell, which looks like some kind of ancient calligraphy from long ago. I have personally gotten tons of compliments, and nearly everyday I’m out in public, people ask me where I got it. If you are looking for a beautiful cover that resembles a book but is also strong enough to protect your Kindle, the Verso Artist Series is a great choice. To buy or read more reviews on Amazon, click here.

Buy Now: Verso Prologue Case Cover

Only: $39.99

The last Kindle case that looks like a book that I recommend is the Verso Prologue Case Cover. This case comes in three gorgeous colors: green, red and tan. My favorite color is the green because I’ve never seen a Kindle cover quite like it before. Inside, the cover is lined with microfiber lining to protect the screen from any damage. If you want your Kindle to look like a classy antique book, this is the cover to buy. Like other covers, the Verso Prologue needs some breaking in before your Kindle is able to fit perfectly. To buy or read more reviews on Amazon, click here.

You can purchase tons of great Kindle covers over the Internet if you know where to look. Some cases give extra protection, while others are beautiful to behold. Think about how much you read on your Kindle and then take the time to carefully research which covers suit your needs and style. If you want more selections, Amazon has a great list of Kindle covers. You cannot go wrong with these Kindle cases that look like books.

Kindle Case That Looks Like a Book
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