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Kindle Fire Vs Ipad -Which Tab is Right For You,


The battle lines are clearly drawn. The clash to gain supremacy in the most lucrative, money yielding niche in the mobility sector is heating up. Although , Apple has completely revolutionized the smartphone space by one blockbuster of a product, Amazon also has also retorted strongly with their latest eye candy, Kindle Fire. A direct, head to head comparison between a heavily spruced up, feature rich iPad and a budget focused Kindle Fire maybe construed to be somewhat unfair, but for many of us , picking a new tablet will ultimately boil down to a choice between the two.

Both products are from the stables of two companies , which are considered by many to be innovators-in-chief in their respective sectors. While Apple may have completely altered the way we perceive and use technology , Amazon the e-commerce behemoth, totally modernized a we

Kindle Fire Vs Ipad -Which Tab is Right For You,

ary and staid publishing industry. As a result, both products are grabbing a lot of eyeballs and attention, although they owe their genesis to two

completely different niches. While the Kindle Fire is primarily billed as an awesome e-reader , iPad is projected as a hippier and souped up version of a laptop, where you have access to a virtual treasure trove of iPhone like applications. For many bookworms an economical , reader centric Kindle Fire may suffice, but when one is pitted against a genre defining product , competition undoubtedly will be fierce. Although Amazon’s latest decked up e-reader is a welcome change from its earlier bland versions , going toe to toe with a product, which has already attained cult status, will be tough.

Hardware and features donot define everything , still at least on these two fronts iPad, expectedly beats the pants out of Kindle. Whether it is the ultra sharp 9.7 inch screen with an unbeatable 2048 by 1536 Pixel Retina Display or the A5X dual processor , with quad four graphics to boot, iPad simply creams Kindle. Although the Fire, sporting a 7 inch screen and a 1GHz TI OMAP4 is not a slou ch by any means, but if you are picking a tablet solely for its design and features , then you know which one to pick.
Internet storage may not be a deciding factor, as both the products offer unlimited cloud storage facility for their captive content. However iPad which is available in three storage capacities 16, 32 and 64 GB may hold a slight edge over Kindle’s single 8GB offering especially if the user is contemplating uploading his or her own content. Since none of the products supports any sort of storage expansion options so this factor can become crucial.

Although Kindle Fire is Wi-Fi enabled and sport the Amazon silk browser , it doesnot hold up to the 4GLTE compatibility of the new iPad. Then again the Kindle was primarily built as an e-reader and the iPad as an internet consumption device, so one can overlook this minor discrepancy. Also you will be shelling out a heftier amount for an iPad. Then again some will argue that you will also be getting more bang for your buck.
iPad’s 5 megapixel camera may hold an advantage over Kindle which lacks one for stills and videos. Then again, the jury is still out on the actual efficacy of a tablet camera. Kindle Fire Vs Ipad -Which Tab is Right For You,

Content & Price
So far, you might be getting the impression that the Fire is a puny product compared to iPad. However, there are spaces where there will not be much to choose between the two.
As we all know for all eBook readers, content is king and this is where Amazon beats the pants out of its competitors. With an estimated 750,000 eBooks in itspot, Amazon offers a virtual treasure trove of eBooks at the most competitive prices. There are also hosts of indie authors whose books one can purchase at bargain prices. Even a few bestsellers or mainstream novels are available at a throwaway price of $5.99.
As far as Apple is concerned , the inbuilt i-tunes store is equally exhaustive touting nearly 20 million songs and more than 15 thousand movies. So content wise, both the products are equally impressive.
As far as price is concerned there is actually no competition between a price tag of 200 dollars as opposed to 500 dollars, which is the entry level price for an iPad. Clearly the target demographics of the two products are entirely different.
If you are a casual internet user, who loves to read on the go or generally engage in light web browsing , like e-mails and Angry Birds then Kindle’s latest offering should be an automatic choice. But if you are a hardcore tech nerd , who wants his tablet to be loaded with features and gargantuan amount of apps, then the crowned jewel of Apple is the tablet to pick.
It is right down impossible as well as not correct to endorse a single tablet for all. As each of one us will apportion different weightage to the above mentioned factors and make their choices accordingly.

Kindle Fire Vs Ipad -Which Tab is Right For You,
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