Kindle vs NOOK

When it comes to e-readers there are none better than the Kindle or Nook in my opinion. They both have many unique, amazing and state of the art features, are highly rated by brands such as Engadget and I din’t think I would ever say this, but here goes, make reading more enjoyable than reading the traditional hard book

But when it comes to the Kindle Vs Nook – which one is the better e-reader. I have compared the both and written about it below, Enjoy!

First Off…

Kindle Vs Nook Video Comparison

Note: This is not me in the video, it has been taken from YouTube to help support this article.


Kindle Kindle 3G Kindle Touch 3G Kindle Keyboard 3G Kindle Fire
1 2 3 4 5
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Amazon has 7 different types of kindle, 5 of them are in the images above. The cheapest of them all is the basic Kindle at $89, however these prices could change at any time, with the best selling Kindle being the Kindle fire.

What’s Being Said About The Kindles

The Kindle Fire is a 7-inch tablet that links seamlessly with Amazon’s impressive collection of
digital music, video, magazine, and book services in one easy-to-use package. CNET

‘The new Kindle is the best e-reader $100’ Engadget

The Best Part: How easy it is to do anything that has to do with a book: shopping, borrowing,
research, reference, skimming, note taking. Gizmodo

What The Kindle Has To Offer

Below you will find everything I liked about the Kindle.


  • Under $100.
  • The E-ink screen lets you read your books outside in bright sunshine as they have used a no glare screen.
  • Weighs less than most paperback books and can fit nicely into your pocket.
  • Easy to adjust the size of the fonts, with 8 different sizes being available.
  • Very simple to use and is read when out of the box with no software needing to be installed etc.
  • Massive selection of over 800,000 books to choose from.

Kindle Touch, Kindle Touch 3g & Kindle Keyboard 3G

  • Small and compact.
  • No more looking for connections with free 3G wireless.
  • Buy and read you book within 60 seconds choosing from a huge selection.
  • Keyboard (Kindle Keyboard 3G only)
  • Whispersync allows you to save, bookmark to get straight back to where you left off.

Kindle Fire

  • Uses the same technology as the Ipad -in-plane switching – which gives you a wide screen viewing angle making it perfect for you and your friends to watch movies on it etc.
  • There is over 100,000 movies and TV shows for you to choose from.
  • You can play your favorite games such as Angry Birds and get your other favorite apps on the Kindle Fire.
  • With the Amazon Silk browser you get an ultra fast web browsing experience with fast page uploads.#
  • You can choose from millions of book titles to read whenever and wherever.
  • Listen to music
  • Lets you store your e-mail accounts so you can use them to send mail when your on the Kindle Fire.
  • The screen is super durable and very difficult to break, however throwing it against a wall is still not a good idea.
  • Light enough to be held in one hand for long periods of time.

What I Disliked About The Kindle

While there is not a lot wrong with the Kindles, below you can find a few things I thought could have been better.


  • Battery life could have been longer, however you can increase this by turning off wi-fi.

Kindle Touch, Kindle Touch 3g & Kindle Keyboard 3G

  • Cannot change to landscape view.
  • Cannot turn the page wile zoomed in on the text.

Kindle Fire

  • None


I have used all the Amazon kindles and while each one was easy to use, high quality and very enjoyable, for me the basic Amazon Kindle and the Amazon Kindle Fire where the best.

If you just want something you can read books on then I recommend the basic Kindle which is under $100, you wont find an e-reader cheaper than that of quality.

If you are looking for something that is similar to the I Pad but for quarter of the price (under $200) then the Amazon Kindle Fire is definitely what I recommend. I have used the I Pad and while I have to say I think it’s slightly better than the Kindle Fire, it’s not better by much and I’m sure the more I use the Amazon Kindle fire the More I will get to enjoy it – More than the I Pad? Maybe.




NOOK Simple Touch NOOK Color NOOK Tablet
1 2 3
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The Nook is a tablet that I only recently discovered. It is a little more expensive than the Amazon Kindle Fire which is the closest model from the Kindles that matches what the Nook has. Below you will find out what I tough about the Nook etc. Then I will give the results on which one I found to be the best.

What’s Being Said About The Nook

I’m somewhat of a techno geek. I like new gadgets and i tend to ask myself how will this be developed over time. In the case of the nook color they got it right. Taz

Barnes and Noble did something pretty clever with their latest eBook reader. They didn’t try to mimic the Kindle, probably because they knew they couldn’t match it. Instead, they looked at what the Kindle didn’t have and they incorporated that into their newest Nook. Steve

I have had my Nook for over a year now and I think it is a great ereader. E. Leung ‘Miharu Sama’

Note: These reviews have been paraphrased for size.

What The NOOK Has To Offer

NOOK Simple Touch

  • The NOOK uses proprietary Best-Text Technology that has ultra crisp fonts making it an ulta satisfying reading experience.
  • Battery can last up to 2 months reading one hour per day, enough time to get through many books.
  • Easy to use touchscreen.
  • Free wi-fi
  • The ability to connect with your friends on Facebook and Twitter etc.

NOOK Color

  • With the Nook you can play games, surf the web, play games, social networking and even listen to your favorite music.
  • There is a massive selection of over 2 million books to choose from and read.
  • Get all the latest editions of magazines and newspapers in amazing color.
  • Has a 7′ color touchscreen with an amazing picture.
  • There is loads of storage with over 8GB, enough to store over 6000 books.
  • Uses Quickoffice software.
  • No ads.

NOOK Tablet

  • The NOOK Tablet is the most powerful model. You can watch movies, browse the web and read books with no problems as it utilizes a dual core processor & 1 GB of RAM.
  • Uses a 7-inch multi-touch screen displays 16 million colors ultra-bright. This will give you the best reading and viewing experience with minimal glare and reflection.
  • Enjoy all your favorite games and apps such as Angry Birds and g Epicurious & Drawing Pad.
  • You can choose between millions of books from there book store, plus there are magazines and comics that you can also get hold of to read on the NOOK Tablet.
  • Listen to all of your favorite songs on the NOOK tablet with free tials of services such as Rhapsody, MOG and Grooveshark.You can also listen to your own tunes with a built in music player.
  • Huge amount of built in storage plus you have the ability to add more with an SD card.
  • Lighter than the leading tablet makes this comfortable to hold in one hand for long periods of time.

What I Disliked About The NOOK

NOOK Color

  • Laggy.
  • No option to categorize news articles which can be a problem.


The Barnes and Noble NOOK is a good quality tablet that has some really unique features the Amazon Kindle does not offer. I really did not think the Nook would be that good, but I was pleasantly surprised when I started using it. One thing that I really liked about the Nook was the no ads, which you can pay extra to get rid of with the Kindle, however way pay extra when the Nook does not even try to put ads on there tablet.

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The Winner

I have to say that I enjoyed using the Kindle and the Nook, but when it comes to the Kindle vs Nook I have to give it right now to the Kindle wins.

While there where things I liked about the Nook that the Kindle did not offer, I just feel as if the Nook needs a few more improvements before it is as good as the kindle is.

Add on the fact that nearly all expect one of the Kindles is cheaper than the Nook, then right now it just has to go with the Kindle.

However what I will say is in the near future I may be updating this as I really do think developed more the Nook has huge potential as a tablet, and is definitely a good alternative over the mega expensive I pad.

Hope this has been helpful and if you have any additional questions please leave them in the comment section below.