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Kitchen makeover tips

Kitchen makeover tipsRenovating the kitchen can really be expensive, and probably doesn’t sound like a great idea.

But, we will give you a few very useful tips on how to refresh the look of your kitchen and at the same time make it look a little more expensive with just a little effort and money. With all that, if you apply some of these ideas on this list you can make a little kitchen makeover, and you will need just a few days for it. Get your tools ready and read some tips on how to get your kitchen to look better.

Replace old lighting

It is interesting how new chandeliers or ceiling lamps can make the space look more beautiful. They don’t just light up the whole room, but they are a beautiful central piece of the kitchen. They nicely fit with most styles. A new pair of Roman blinds might also just do the trick. Experiment and find your perfect solution.

One color decorations

White is the best if you are considering a monochromatic look of the kitchen. You can fit most light colors with white, beige or cream or anything like them. Pick interesting details and you will get the look of a nice kitchen.

Replace the cupboards

If you just replace the doors on the cupboards or simply paint over them, then you definitely don’t need a makeover. A great choice would be a strong color, like red. You will get an interesting kitchen that will look luxurious.

Add color and style with plates

Your old plates can serve the purpose of decorating the kitchen. Use them to make interesting wall art. You can stack them symmetrically or asymmetrically and use any shapes and colors. If they are simple and in one color, the will look classy and nice.

Make the floors fresh with a colorful carpet

There is not a kitchen where a nice oriental rug can’t make things more beautiful. A good thing when it comes to carpets is that you can put any carpet you like with any pattern or color, and it will still make the kitchen look beautiful and connected between itself. The choice is also very big and that’s a great things. A little change like this can make any kitchen more interesting.

Art: The bigger the better

Sophisticate art has become a trend when it comes to modern kitchens. But unfortunately, such paintings and art is not always very affordable. But, you can hang some pop art painting, impressionist art or a big portrait, and the effect will be dramatic. The bigger the painting, the better. You kitchen will look nice and modern.

Paint the inside of your cupboards

This tactic is ideal for glass cupboards without doors. You can even take the doors off of your cupboards and use this technique. The kitchen will look new and fresh without much effort. Paint the insides and you will have a lot of fun, you can even transform your kitchen into something beautiful. If you pick a strong color, you can do something differently with the shelves, maybe change their color in a different one.

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