Knoji, dumbed down, dull and lower revenue; The new devolved Factoidz

Anyone who does a Search connecting Factoidz + Scam or Rip off finds over 100k sites. Anyone who joined Factoidz after 2010 could be taken to either be unable to investigate or a born fool. Despite the disclaimers of its pigpen of Shills, Factoidz was in serious trouble and so, it decided to change it’s name and style.

In its usual Factoidz cock-up, those persons who had been dropped to Member and their writing confiscated were the first to know, the loyal Shills the last.

Hence, was born Knoji, an ugly dumbed down site.

Factoidz had always had that first rate appearance, large white pages, large type, and the Ads quietly to the side. Knoji is in the sub-basement of writing sites.

Persons who were aware of Knoji as the next incarnation of Factoidz, decided to give it a chance.

This is what they found.

1. Factoidz articles are still there, still earning revenue for Factoidz. The writers are not paid.

2. The same Shills are there with Titles of Authority.

3. the same rip off, in a bargain basement style still goes on.

One applies to join, one submits articles for moderation, and after a particular number, in an unbroken train, are passed, one becomes a Writer on Knoji. The articles are short, ugly and festooned with ads.

Now to the ‘pay’.

Knoji gives a ‘bonus’ for every article posted. This starts out around 80c, and then after about ten articles is dropped to 40c. This bonus is the purchase price. Yes. You’ve just sold that article for 30c. Flat rate.

One can not remove an article, the key signal that the writer has lost his or her copyright.

Hit are very very low. Getting 40 or 50 hits is standard on the ‘better’ articles.

If you’re thinking of trying Knoji, proceed with caution.