Know Every Thing About Thin Film Reflectometer

Optics and photonics industry has spread its wings by leaps and bounds and luring more and more professionals towards it. On the other side, professionals involved in the industry always look for some of the innovative and advanced ways, techniques and systems that can help them in bringing something unique and creative. Among all the essential requirement and demand in this industry segments, thin film reflectometer systems are also the most popular one and professionals look for advanced and innovative systems for them. As far as thin film reflectometer systems are concerned, they are used to analyze optical layer thickness from certain measurement; while allow for single thickness observation with a certain resolution.

Being an ideal system for online thickness measurement and in removal rate applications, such advanced systems help in measuring the thickness of photoresist, semiconductor process films and of course the thickness of oxides and Sinx. Not forget to mention the support in measuring anti-reflection coating, anti-scratch coating, and rough layers on substrates that include brass, copper, ceramics, plastic and steel. Talking about the measurement, it is done through spectral reflectance/transmission and ellipsometry. Reflection method used for thin film reflectometer is applied to measure the light reflected from a thin film over a wide range of wavelengths with light normal to sample surface.

Advanced thin film reflecotometer TF-268, for instance, is an advanced system with a vacuum wafer holder and translation or rotation motion control. The advanced system is capable of all measurement features as it provides with thickness mapping of the measurement sample- based on interference spectral analysis of multi-layer reflection curves. Functioning non-conduct optical measurement of thickness, absorption index and refractive index of different optical thin films and coatings, advanced thin film reflectometer brings you numerous added features.

There are numerous added benefits and features associated with the advanced system. Some of the added measurement features include film thickness measurement, standard deviation, film thickness mapping, data loading of earlier saved reflectance data, statistics of measurement results, flexible choice of computation wavelength range, flexible choice of guess thickness range to minimize computation time, easy selection of film and materials from database, substrate refractive index and absorption index evaluation. There is a lot more that will surely help you in the right way of getting more.

When it comes to get the latest solutions and support in this domain, you will get support and benefits from a number of certified and renowned companies that have set new benchmarks in the industry. Choosing the right one is an important decision to make by keeping in mind your requirement. In order to get the right services and solutions; what all you have to do is simply select the right one, go through the production or system details, know the advanced features, add to cart and pace your order online. Rest of the work will be done by professionals automatically.