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Know More About Microsoft Outlook App

Microsoft always comes up with the latest version of the Outlook, and this time it is Outlook 2010 download version. The newly introduced version is available for Android as well as iOS users alike. Keeping in mind the utility of the business Outlook email, it is essential to know all about it.

Whenever a new Microsoft Outlook app gets unveiled, it brings new features and you must keep yourself updated with these improvements. Even though, it is simple to work with, but you should know how to utilize it to your benefit. If you know how to work your way around the new Microsoft Outlook, then you can reap its benefits.

Streamlined inbox

Microsoft Outlook gives you freedom from filtering messages. The functionality to intuitively filter the mailbox gives you clutter-free look. The inbox is categorized into two broad categories- the “Other” and the “Focused.”

The Other inbox gives you e-mail messages that arrive at another location.
The Focused box displays e-mail messages from registered accounts. The inbox supports Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Outlook .com. It incorporates all the major names in cloud storage.

Attachments made easy

With the latest version, it is easy to work in collaboration and increase productivity. The app is all about allowing the user to view and attach files related to third-party storage. You can use your One Drive and Dropbox storages together. You need not download it to your mobile device and still gain access to it. You will able to send large files without any hassle.

Activate the related option and login to Dropbox or your One Drive account for invoking authorization. For Gmail users, it will come included within File tab.

Quick Access to Calendar

The calendar option offered by the new Microsoft Outlook is similar to the one offered by the iOS calendar. The meetings, schedules, and other features can be accessed by e-mail. You and other users will be notified of the appointments as per the schedule for the day. You can easily switch between the calendar and mailbox by using the smooth UI.

Customize Swipe Options

You can customize your options of swipe, the features of an archive, and define delete and schedule options. Scheduling the messages according to your requirements is easy with the swipe customization.

You can schedule messages in four modes: this evening, few hours, tomorrow morning or your choice of time. The options are available under settings and swipe options. The gestures can be customized for quickly managing e-mail messages.

Quick Search

Using the Spotlight search functionality, you can conduct a search for anything. You can search for a file, a name or a meeting. With the magnifying glass option, the keyword or key phrases get easily searched within the registered accounts. You can classify the attachments and the relative messages with the Quick Filter settings. It will help you with conducting quick searches and get relevant results quickly.

Do you need to switch?

While you are using new Microsoft Outlook, you can work with its features and the tools provided. You will like to use the latest version to enjoy the best features and benefits. It is all about convergence of people tabs, Files, Mail, Calendar and other things within the new and improved version. It becomes easy to construct a message with all the stuff provided under one roof. You do not need to look around for options elsewhere.

The thing that you need to understand about the latest version is the security factor. Some experts are of the opinion that it is not good enough for iOS users due to security flaws. The e-mail account is scanned using AWS IP address that is provided by Microsoft for catching personal credentials. You can block it if you want your privacy. This is one major flaw that seems to keep the iOS users away from utilizing the latest app of Outlook. However, for others it seems to work well, for the features and the tools provided. If all that you see is what you like about the app, then you should opt for it. Things that are provided for it are amazing and better. The enhanced UI too is intuitive and helps users to work better while increasing productivity.

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