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Know Some Facts About Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine has been used therapeutically during the 1960s as a remedy against muscle weakness or depression. It was used in different parts of the world, including the United States, and it was misused as a doping agent. Ibogaine or 12-methoxyibogamine is the molecule psychoactive main extracted from the plant of the same name iboga (Iboga Tabernanthe in Latin). It was isolated from the iboga in 1901 by two teams (J. and E. Dybovsky Landrin / A. Haller and E. Heckel) but WI Taylor was the one who came up with the chemical formula in 1957 .The Iboga is a shrub of African rainforests whose root contains a dozen alkaloids. Its mode of action is still poorly understood. It is a substance similar to those present in various hallucinogenic mushrooms.
Ibogaine effects on the body
It has an inhibitory activity on monoamine oxidise but also acts on dopaminergic circuits. It also acts on receptors opiates. Ibogaine has effects psycho stimulants and highs in moderate doses (10-50 mg) doses for which it is not especially toxic oral administration.
At higher (several hundred milligrams to a gram) doses it causes a hallucinatory delirium often accompanied by anxiety. The nausea and vomiting are not uncommon and seizure-like events are sometimes observed. Phase of hallucination is often followed by a long period of sleep when the effects have worn off.
Even higher doses can trigger seizures, even paralysis, and can even be lethal. The Order of 12 March 2007 amending the order of 22 February 1990 establishing a list of substances classified as narcotics now includes the iboga and ibogaine at the ibogaine centers.
It is close to the psilocin, the psilocybin found in hallucinogenic mushrooms, the heroine and DMT (active ingredient of ayahuasca (orally inactive), these substances are themselves close to a molecule in our brain: serotonin.
Treatment method of ibogaine
How is the treatment if ibogaine done is the question? This is ingested in the body. The quantity of drug administered will vary according to the function, and the experiment is to some extent shaped in the plan. All the heroin addict will not take the same quantity of ibogaine, or have the same experience until mediator , whose goal is increasingly connected to the Source, or If the patient misses resolution therapy depression or chronic anxiety. Nevertheless, these three have their treatment involves physical, psychological and spiritual.
All the ibogaine treatment consists of three stages. The first step involves the ingestion of ibogaine, which is indicated in the form of capsule. Power is calculated according to the body weight of a person. In early time’s only low range of ibogaine were used for several therapeutic reasons. In low dose levels, images and ideas gradually come which needs to be questioned by a treating therapist.

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