Know the workings of Live streaming Audio

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Live streaming, live streaming What is it? Live Streaming is a condition where two servers are connected outside the broadcasting network server using a server which is connected to relay broadcasting the live streaming.

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What conditions are needed for live streaming?

The condition required is a live streaming pc server you use to broadcast with a strong and stable connection to your relay connections to the broadcast server smoothly.

When we talk about what it is streaming audio, many are not familiar with this problem, another side of technology is increasing rapidly. However justu things like this are rarely the focus of thought, there is a story yesterday asking about streaming. The question is whether if we use the streaming audio files on the network we will be depleted NET Bandwitdh it?

The answer is yes, if we use the server itself, as an example of what I call the server itself is this: Suppose we have a PC that connect to the Internet using a modem from S ** dy for example, the network that we use to upload the data to open nat on modem.

Obviously this will affect the quality of data we send the audio had to use either Shoutcast or Icecast server or the other.

Just imagine if we only have 512kbps upstream? For example we are setting the maximum audience of 32 people or PC bitrate multiplied premises that we use as an example of how much bandwidth upstream 24kbps/second means that we need?

The result 768kbps/second the same time about what could be upstream?

Well what if we rent a server on a streaming server providers? If you hire to the provider so that the system is relayed.

Is the same as the one I’ve described earlier, but the difference in upstream bandwidth for most small 10mbps/second, there’s even a reach 1GB/second, it will always be met with a number of the server listener will remain stable does not meet the buffer.

Even if there is a buffer that is not from a network server rather than the less good listener to download the audio file that is sent.

Ok, hopefully with explanations Live streaming audio of this brief can help you.

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