Kufri – a hill town perched in the Himalayas perfect for adventure holidays

Kufri is a small hamlet located close to the Shimla city in Himachal Pradesh. It is a tranquil town home to unspoiled nature and friendly locals. Visit the town for a relaxed vacation and pick from the best Kufri hotels.


Kufri is a small hamlet falling within the province of Shimla district in Himachal Pradesh. Located close to the highly popular tourist destination and the capital of the state, Shimla Kurfi is often visited by tourists who are looking to spend an unspoiled vacation at a tranquil place. It is still a rustic old village town where life runs at a very slow speed with everyday being almost the same. Locals are generally involved in farming and some small trades. The place also hugely depends on tourism for the revenue. Due to the continuous influx of tourists round the year tourism industry flourished here providing different sources of livelihood to the locals. The average elevation of the hamlet is about 2290 meters above the sea level with Mahasu Peak being the highest peak in the region. Relaxing surroundings, unspoiled scenic natural beauty, laid back way of life, rustic charm of old days, and centuries old tradition and cultural heritage have earned the place a top spot in the list of popular tourist destinations in northern regions of India. Today, the place is well equipped with resorts, restaurants, entertainment and recreational centres, and multiple Kufri hotels that will make your tour of the place a never to be forgotten experience.

The word Kufri is the derivation of kufr which signifies lake. It is said that the place along with the regions around Shimla were once the parts of Kingdom of Nepal until the area was ceded by the British who then included it in India union territory. Shimla is about 13 k.m. away and it is the largest and major urban city closest to the hamlet town. The most convenient and fastest way to access the town is to take a taxi, they are easily from the Shimla commerce centre and bus stand.


The panoramic views offered by the place is simply stunning and unmatched. It is one of the places where nature has been most generous. Consisting of sky-reaching hills, deep valleys, and several highlands and midlands in between, the place is quite diverse in topology. It is famous for receiving snowfall in winter which turns the potato plantation covered land into a premier ski resort. If one is all about photography, trekking, and sightseeing summer is the best time to plan a tour. Due to the high altitude the climate remains pleasant throughout the year. The place is best explored on foot. Being a small town makes all the attractions easily accessible. Tourists flock the Indira Tourist Park in large count. It is one of the major sightseeing spots in the town and is a beautiful park best known to offer spellbinding views of the regions around. Kufri Fun World is another popular tourist attraction. It is an amusement park featuring excellent rides, a pool, and world’s highest go-karting track.

In a nutshell, Kufri is an excellent destination to spend a laid-back vacation relishing the best of nature,genuine hospitality, and local culture. Visit the town during the next vacation and pick from the best hotels, the budget hotels in Kufri are specially highly popular amongst tourists.

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