Laminate Flooring – General Information

Laminate flooring originated in Sweden in 1923. Since then it has become the second most popular choice with Europeans as their floor choice. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is it is easy to install and is far lower in cost compared to more traditional hard wood floors. Generally it is possible to have the laminate floor layed over existing floors. As it sits over the underlay it is often also referred to as ‘floating floor’. The benefit of this type of floor is that it is far cheaper than actual wooden floors and it is extremely hard wearing and resilient. There is a vast array to choose from and even laminate tiles that mimic stone.

Solid – Laminate floors are far more scratch proof than real wooden floors which are far more precious and dent rather easily, leaving unsightly marks and hollows in your floor. The lamination process these tiles go through make them strong and scratch resilient. A lot of families with young children have this floor installed as it is much more child friendly in terms of playing with toys and having cots and prams to contend with.

Variety -Laminate flooring is contains a photograph of the material it is mimicking and therefore differs in color, size and texture. Such diversity allows us to be imaginative and explore the aesthetic possibilities of wooden floors at a minimum cost. We can dramatically change the look of a room by choosing laminate tiles in dark tones. Maybe you would prefer the more earthy appeal of light pines. You can be as creative as you like and enjoy the adventure.

Fire Proof -Laminate floors have a natural high resistance to fire and this makes them ideal for use throughout the home. A solid wood floor would not have as much resistance and would go up in flames quicker than your laminate flooring with its natural flame retardant qualities. This is a big deciding factor for many people choosing whether or not to go with solid wood or to simply invest in laminate tiles. Floor fitters can advise in detail how to go about this in greater detail.

Hassle Free – Once a laminate floor is installed there is virtually no maintenance involved. The only equipment you need is a vacuum cleaner and a mop. The floor cannot be polished so you will never have to worry about keeping the shine of its appearance. The only thing you need to be concerned with is keeping moisture to a minimum such as using a damp mop rather than a wet one as the floor could warp if exposed to too much fluid.

Stylish – The quickest way to add glamour to your abode is through adding a touch of class with the installation of your laminate floor. Laminate tiles in a cherry wood really make your home look warm and welcoming with its rich hues. Remember not to use them as an option for your bathroom as this is a room with a lot of water and simply would not work for the laminate tiles.