Laminate Flooring | Make Rooms Look New

Hardwood laminate flooring can make rooms look like new. If you’re tired of looking at that old linoleum (do they still make that stuff?) on the kitchen floor, you should consider replacing it with laminate flooring. Floors play a major role in the appearance of a room and when the floor in a room looks bad it can make the whole room look bad. For example, you can buy a new refrigerator, range, and countertops for your kitchen but those things alone can’t make up for an ugly kitchen floor. Refrigerators and ranges can cost a lot of money and that’s a good reason for you to consider replacing your old kitchen floor with laminate flooring. Flooring retailers like Best Laminate have hardwood laminate flooring that’s inexpensive and can make a room look like new.

Very Affordable

Laminate flooring is very affordable and sold by the square foot. One of the great things about it is it comes in a wide range of materials and patterns. The type of material that laminate flooring is made of and the quality of the manufacturing process are the main factors that decide how much laminate costs per square foot. Installation is another thing that you have to think about when you buy laminate flooring. You have to add the cost of having laminate installed if you choose not to do it yourself. Retailers like Lumber Liquidators will deliver and install your new laminate or you could save yourself a lot of money by doing it yourself if possible.

Quick and Easy Installation

One of the most popular types of laminate is tongue and groove snap in hardwood laminate. Whether you’re an experienced do-it-yourselfer or a novice, installing hardwood tongue and groove snap in laminate flooring can be a quick and easy project. The main tools that you need to install this type of flooring are, a pull bar, laminate floor glue, a rubber mallet, underlayment, spacers, and a circular saw. Most retailers will give you advice on how to install your laminate flooring and tell you about the tools you’ll need to get the job done. Many of them have DVD’s and books on how to put down laminate flooring. Last but not least, most packages of laminate flooring come with directions. I wish I could say that these directions are easy to follow but that’s not always the case. Depending on the size of the room, you should be able to install a laminate floor in a matter of hours.

Tip: Your floor needs to be as level as possible for laminate to lay down smoothly without gaps.

Low Maintenance

One of the best things about hardwood laminate flooring is that they can be very low maintenance. Good laminate is durable and resists stains. It can be cleaned up with a mop, warm water, and a mild cleaner. There are cleaners that are especially for cleaning hardwood laminate floors. Quick and easy maintenance is another way laminate flooring makes rooms look like new.

Tip: There are tons of videos on YouTube that show how to install hardwood laminate flooring.

For the Whole House

While wood laminate flooring looks great on kitchen floors, it can make any room in the house look great. It’s especially good for high traffic areas where carpet would get worn down quickly. when I was shopping for laminate flooring, I met a gentleman that said he had put it in his poolhouse and after a year it looked great.


When you think of laminate floors, you may not think about a wood laminate staircase. Wood laminate treads for steps make boring old stairways standout. Using wood laminate on stairways is a great way to accent and connect laminate floors on different levels in your home. For example, one popular style of laminate stairs is a wood tread with white risers. The white risers look good but they also help with depth perception.

So if you need to replace floors in your house, hardwood laminate flooring looks great in any room and it’s inexpensive. You can also save even more money on maintenance by not having to replace flooring as often because laminate last a long time. So, try hardwood laminate the next time you need to replace a floor and make your rooms look new again.