Las Vegas Vdara Hotel Review

My wife and I recently stayed at the Vdara hotel & Spa in Las Vegas. The hotel opened for business in December of 2009 and is a non smoking and non casino hotel.

It was our honeymoon so we didn’t want to stay at a hotel in Vegas that had a casino and all the extra people that goes with it. We wanted something a bit quieter and more romantic.

The Vdara is definitely quieter and more romantic than some of the other choices there. The front lobby and concierge area are not massive in size like a typical Vegas hotel which was great for us. First impressions of the hotel were modern trendy and cool.

When we walked inside the building it was also modern trendy and cool. We noticed when that the hotel must pump out a fragrance just outside because there was a great scent to enjoy.

It was fairly quick checking into the hotel. We had our bags brought up to our room by the bell boy after checking in.

The bell boy was very polite and helpful in showing us the features in our room. Our room was extremely cool and trendy.

My wife and I both thought it to be very warm and welcoming. We rented a deluxe suite which included a kitchen, living and sleeping area, bathroom and large closet.

The bed was a king size. The sheets and pillows were so comfortable that I am still looking in my own city now for the same kind so I can buy them for my bed at home.

There was also a couch and a desk and a kitchen table in the living and sleeping area. For you guys the TV was a 42” LCD.

The kitchen had a stainless steel microwave which we never used. There was a small bar fridge that didn’t hold much.

The kitchen sink was also stainless steel and was equipped with a garburator. The bathroom was large with beautiful marble flooring and a marble shower that had clear glass walls.

There was also a large separate oval shaped tub. The tub was too small for the two of us together.

The bathroom had some great accent lighting and even had a pull out mirror for the ladies. The blinds were pretty cool, they were powered and there was one that blacked out all the light and one that was a mesh material that just filtered the light.

We kept them open most of the time so we could see the lights at night. There was a safe which was quite small but big enough for passports money and maybe a small laptop.

We were on the 41st floor facing south. The hotel is situated south of the Bellagio Hotel in a new development called City Center.

It is back set from the strip which makes it even quieter there. It is right across from the back entrance of the Aria hotel. Still not a bad spot to be.


My final verdict about the Vdara Hotel

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The Vdara has a direct walkway connection into the south side of the Bellagio hotel and is also just a one minute walk over to the Aria hotel.

Our overall view and thoughts on the Vdara hotel is that it is a very clean safe and quiet hotel. The staff was very courteous and helpful.

The prices for any drink or food ordered at the hotel were way too expensive but to be fair most hotels in Las Vegas charge to much for drinks and food.

The cost of our hotel room was over $200.00 a night and that is just too much for us to justify unless it is for s special occasion like this was this time. Next time i would stay at another hotel for under $100.00 a night, which is quite a saving.

I will though stay at the Vdara again someday. If money is no object and you want a really cool place to stay at in Vegas then I do recommend the Vdara.

I give it a 9 out of 10. I would have given it a 10 if the room and food prices were not so high.

The Vdara Hotels amenities include a lobby bar, Silk Road restaurant, Pool and pool bar, a spa and fitness center.

The first night we got there we stopped at the Vdara’s lobby bar for a drink and snacks. The snacks were great but the drink price was ridiculous, $10.00 for a non premium rum seems a bit high to me.

That was the only time we stopped at the lobby bar. We never made it to eat at Silk Road Restaurant but I did grab a coffee at their coffee bar one morning.

It was about a 12 ounce take out cup of regular coffee which cost me just over $5.00, I thought that was a wee pricey. We made a point of going to the pool every morning after we returned back from breakfast before heading out for the rest of the day.

The pool was great as so was the large hot tub. Lots of seating around the pool. There is a pool bar but we never ordered anything from them.

We never used the Spa but it looked like a nice place to be. I went into the fitness center and was impressed with the equipment they had. Some new high tech equipment and also a great selection of different weighted dumbbells.