Laser Liposuction for Removing Belly Fat

Belly fat is a major aesthetic concern for many men and women, which has a negative impact on the overall body contour. A flat abdomen makes you look young and fit whereas a pot belly makes you look older than your actual age. Belly fat that does not respond to diet and exercise can be effectively removed via minimally invasive laser liposuction.

Women tend to acquire belly fat more than men and find it difficult to wear their choice of dresses. They often end up feeling embarrassed and experience a lack of self esteem.

Smartlipo Triplex Laser Liposuction Removes Belly Fat

Belly liposuction in Manhattan, New York is provided at reliable plastic surgery centers by experienced plastic surgeons. Advanced plastic surgery facilities utilize Cynosure’s Smartlipo Triplex body contouring device to remove excess fat in the abdominal region. Belly fat liposuction leaves you with a flat and toned tummy and a much healthier look. The Smartlipo device makes use of three powerful laser wavelengths to melt the fat and extract it from the midsection. The procedure ensures superior belly definition by tightening the loose skin and coagulating the tissues. Patient safety is ensured with the help of Smartsense, ThermaView and ThermaGuide, the intelligent delivery systems.

Abdominal etching can be achieved by removing undesirable fat and tightening the abdominal muscles. This ensures a well-sculpted stomach with strong muscle definition.

Advantages of Belly Liposuction in Manhattan, New York City

Belly liposuction comes with a pack of advantages. Here are some of them:

• Instant fat removal
• Safe surgical process
• Minimal pain and discomfort
• Easy recovery after the surgery
• Local anesthesia is sufficient
• Convenient and cost-effective
• Quick return to work

Women undergoing belly liposuction can opt for liposuction with fat transfer, which is offered at select plastic surgery facilities in Manhattan, New York.

As in any surgical procedure, the plastic surgeon and the plastic surgery facility are the major considerations when you plan to undergo laser liposuction for removing belly fat. Once you manage to identify the right surgeon and facility, you can rest assured of a safe and effective procedure. Moreover, you will also receive the right instructions for post surgery care, and regarding how to maintain the good results achieved. Make sure that all the guidelines provided are followed to the smallest detail and this will help you enjoy long term results.