Laser Treatment for Blonde Hair Removal

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When Laser Hair Removal, was invented in the 1990’s, the treatment was only proved successful on dark haired individuals with light colour skins. But now technologies are improving and laser scientists have developed certain types of laser lights which can permanently remove blonde or light hair. These technologies are only available to licence clinics and those who are registered with the Care Quality Commission.

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The Nd:YAG laser and the lasers that utilize ELOS™ (electrical-optical synergy) technology are considered the best to remove lighter hair than any other laser lights. These laser lights merge laser technology with radio waves, thus making the light more prone to damage all kinds of hair follicles in underneath the skin.

No matter what your hair type or skin colour is, a person intending to undergo laser hair removal treatment should follow all the instructions of a registered laser technician and should undergo a patch test first and see for the results him or herself. The length of the results may vary from person to person, so give ample time to check for you after the free patch test. In normal cases, permanent hair removal is seen after 6 to 8 sessions. But people with blonde hair should give good time to see the results and any side effects of the treatment.

The main reason that blonde hairs need more attention and medical supervision is that there is a lack of pigment melanin in these hair follicles and because of that special wavelengths of light are to be used for the treatment. Most clinics do the pre-laser treatments to blonde haired patients. They enhance the melanin in the hair making it rich and then they shoot the laser beam on the hair follicles, thus damaging the follicles.

Blonde hair removal individuals are susceptible more too some side effects like skin rashes which disappear with the passage of time. That is the only reason that it is emphasized to go for a registered and professional hair removal provider before starting the treatment. Choose one with the latest technology available. This is also because the registered technicians or clinics work under medical supervision and have been receiving trainings on whatever new product is available in the market.

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Laser Treatment for Blonde Hair Removal, Seekyt
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