Last Minute Birthday Ideas

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Last minute birthday ideas can come in handy when you’ve forgotten the big day for friend, spouse, coworker, in-law or other relative, or just about anyone else. If you need to come up with something in a hurry, you’ll have a lot of great options to use. Listed in this article are just a few of the easiest, quickest to put together gift ideas you can use when you forget a loved one’s birthday.

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Latest Electronic: There’s always some type of latest and greatest in the electronics world that could make a great present for someone you know at the last second. Some of them are pretty expensive, so if your budget is relatively cheap, you’ll need to check out the other unique suggestions.

Gag Gifts: If you forget that you need to buy a present, joke items are a great alternative. Visit any party supply store in your area and you’ll find all kinds of unique and fun things to give away to your friends.

Money: It’s the ultimate in the last second presents to give to a friend. Even if it’s a boyfriend or girlfriend, you can preface the cash by stating you know how much they wanted a certain item, but just don’t know enough about them to choose the right one. It can work, especially if you offer to go shopping with them when they pick out the item.

Gift Cards: Cards and gift certificates are another good item to get at the last minute, especially if you go to a specialty type store that will fit the person’s interests. While it lacks some of the personal touch many want to see with a present, if the greeting card is especially thoughtful, even a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife can overlook it.

Food: If you are buying for a friend, you can always use food. We all eat, so it’s a very practical present you can give out to just about anyone, especially those you are not overly close with, like an acquaintance or coworker.

Gift Baskets: Make your own, or if it’s near the holidays, you can buy them at local stores, premade and ready to give away. It’s also a good way to go if you want to make something look nice for cheap, since you can control every item that goes into the basket.

Homemade Gifts: Put together the fixing for cookies or pancakes in a nice jar, complete with a nice bow. You can even give out handmade certificates for a night out, or something similar. Try to tailor the present to the receiver’s needs and likes. There are lots of last minute birthday ideas you can use.

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