Last Minute Valentine Gift Ideas: Personalizing a Valentine Gift Basket

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If you have not already found your Valentine gift ideas, you may be able to find some type of generic gift idea on the shelves of the local department stores. Finding something right now that is unique may be challenging, you should have begun your search months ago by paying attention to the person, you want a Valentine gift for, if you are in a long-term relationship or have been dating for at least several months.

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Last Minute Valentine Gift Ideas: Personalizing a Valentine Gift Basket, Seekyt

Know Your Valentine

You should know what he or she may or may not like including exchanging gifts during the holidays. Some people do, some do not and then some never had the opportunity. So pay attention to the person you want to offer a gift too during the holiday seasons.

Last Minute Valentine Gift Ideas: Personalizing a Valentine Gift Basket, SeekytValentine Rose message in a bottle romantic gift by Timeless Message


Determine Your Valentine Spending Budget

Once you know your Valentine, you will be able to make the best choice for him or her anytime you are searching for gift ideas, no matter the season. Then you need to determine how much money you will spend on your Valentine gift ideas. Stay within your budget. This is especially significant to remember if you are one to wait until the last minute to go holiday gift shopping for anyone.

Last Minute Valentine Gift Ideas: Personalizing a Valentine Gift Basket, Seekyt

Individual Valentine Gifts to Consider

Some of the individual items to consider include such items as:

– Flowers

Traditionally, people give roses to celebrate Valentine’s Day. However, if you know his or her favorite flower this is acceptable as well since it is a customized choice. You can give a single flower or dozens of flowers.

Last Minute Valentine Gift Ideas: Personalizing a Valentine Gift Basket, SeekytCrystal Keepsake Heart


– Candy and Chocolates

Valentine candy and Valentine chocolates are a traditional symbol of love whether you give them on February 14 or not. During this time, you can find them Valentine Heart boxes as well as in square and rectangular boxes. The heart shaped boxes represent the fondness of hearts during this time of the year.

– Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are always popular regardless of the holiday or any day. Teddy bears are traditional; however, there are so many other great choices as well. These toys can be color significant to the holiday, such as pink and red for Valentine’s Day, but they do not have to be if the person you are shopping for prefers another.

Last Minute Valentine Gift Baskets

If you have waited until the last minute, you might want to consider making a personal gift basket for your Valentine. So for those who are not sure what to get and have waited until the last minute, I offer a quick run through the local department store to find some last minute gift ideas to include in a personal gift basket for Valentine’s Day.

Choosing a Pre-Made Valentine Gift Basket or Personalizing it for Your Valentine

In addition, you should know that some department stores already have Valentine gift baskets available. You might want to choose one of those and then add some more items to it. Check the prices to see if making your own customized gift basket is less expensive that buying one pre-made by the department store.

Last Minute Valentine Gift Ideas: Personalizing a Valentine Gift Basket, Seekyt

Personalizing a Valentine Gift Basket at the Last Minute

First, you need to consider something to hold the various items you choose to include in a Valentine gift basket. However, since you have waited until the last minute, if you want real fresh flowers you will need to stop by the area of the department store that has the fresh flowers to make a choice.

You might as well get them as soon as you get into the store, since anyone else who has waited until the last minute just might make their choice first. So get your Valentine flowers while you can. If you would, rather you can always go to the craft section of the store to choose silk flowers and then arrange them for your Valentine.

Last Minute Valentine Gift Ideas: Personalizing a Valentine Gift Basket, SeekytHis & Hers Romantic Heart Personalized Coffee Mug Set


The container you choose can be something that your Valentine needs or can use later. You might choose to use a real wicker basket or even a metal or plastic container as the foundation for your Valentine gift basket. Make sure you find a container that is large enough to hold all the different items you plan to include while personalizing the basket for your Valentine.

Go by the card department and find a Valentine card or make one yourself. Of course, there is still plenty of time to send a Valentine eCard, but if you want something he or she can touch, feel and save, choose a real card if there are any left or make a special one by using your own hands and imagination.

While in the card department, you should be able to find some colorful plastic gift-wrap. It will be similar to the plastic gift-wrap on the pre-made Valentine gift baskets. While you are still there, search for some red, pink, white or black ribbon for tying the top of the gift basket after assembling it.

After you have your container, plastic gift-wrap and ribbon, go to the Valentine gift items in the store and start by choosing some type of Valentine candy to include. After making, your choices go to the stuffed animal area and choose a stuffed animal for the gift basket. Look around the area, you might find there many more interesting Valentine themed items that you might like to include.

After making your selections, take the items home and then arrange all of them in the gift basket, except for the fresh flowers of course. After arranging your items, use the plastic Valentine themed gift wrap to wrap the basket and then tie it with the bow for presenting to the recipient of your Valentine gift.

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Last Minute Valentine Gift Ideas: Personalizing a Valentine Gift Basket, Seekyt
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