Laughing All the Way to the Bank – Running an Online Ponzi

No matter how many times you warn the public, no matter how many hits a Google Scam+ Writing Site turns up, people race like lemmings to join and be ripped off.

This is a partially fictionised account of how a Writing Ponzi was created ‘sold’ and ‘promoted’. All the names are fictious and the Site is invented.

Corgi was fed up.
He was making half cents on his great work. He’d already been ripped off by publishing sites that ripped off writers, and could write a thesis.

Instead, having learned how it was done decided to do it.

Corgi got the cheapest space on a site in Asia, found a template, picked a name; ‘Munyrite‘ and began.

He copied and pasted lots of rules and regulations and explanations of how the site worked.
As the cherry on top of the whipped cream, he offered more money than any other site.

He spent a week end copying every decent article he’d ever written and created twelve different accounts in different names and posted them.

He plagiarised a lot of really good stuff, and put that under other names.
He now had over sixty articles and ‘forty five’ writers.

He now went ‘public’ and unveiled his site, and joining by proxies, he left lots of comments under all sorts of names. He used a few of those ‘pingers’ to give his articles lots of hits.

Corgi then went to every single other Publishing Site and invited known Shills to join his site.

A Shill is the person who ropes in the Suckers.
He is always someone ‘Just like You‘.

He had been roped into writing on publishing sites by various shills so targetted them. He sent them PMs, he left comments under articles on every publishing site he knew, He wrote articles about ‘Munyrite’ hailing it as a great site, claiming he’d been paid, blah blah.

He knew he’d have to pay those who joined, focusing on Shills.

Shills always tout writing sites. They always bring in warm bodies.
He made a list of the best Shills who joined Munyrite, and even if he had to borrow money, they would always be paid.

Even the worst sites, those which are proven to be scams, always pays it’s shills up until the day it goes down because they are far cheaper than advertisement.

Further, they often rope in so many more dupes that they deserve to be paid.

Corgi got fifteen of the stupidest Shills in creation.
These were people who had been on every Writing Ponzi yet still joined and shilled.

Corgi had sold advertisements to every one who wanted to pay for them so his pages did have a lot of ads, but he knew that stupid people would think the site was so popular that everyone had to advertise on it.

The 15 Shills began writing up a frenzy. As they would not be paid until they reached $25 he had 150 articles in the first 5 days, and by the end of the month over 1000.

He deleted his plagiarised stuff, paid himself for his articles, and paid every one who had reached that $25 goal. There were a lot of newbies who’d joined who hadn’t reached pay out, so the revenue their items generated was used to pay the Shills.

The Shills, having been paid, went out to rope in more fools. He was able to pay those first payouts. The 2nd was a bit tricky.

He’d used the revenue gotten by those who joined in the 2nd month to pay those who’d joined in the First month. This led to a delay in paying those who’d reached their first redemption in the 2nd month.

He used the revenue gotten in the 3rd month to insure all those going for their first payout got it. Some shills had to wait, some were promptly paid. Those who had brought in over ten warm bodies were paid. Those Shills who brought in less than five were not.

A couple were given lame excuses, so they would continue to produce wall paper for his Ads, others were ignored.

After six months Corgi had over 50k users and was raking in the money.

A lot of users had been banned from the site for ‘Breaking the Rules’ and their work was earning revenue. This revenue was used to pay Shills and those going for their first redemption. The excess was split between himself and a handful of writers.

A lot of Munyrite’s members were unpaid. Many were complaining. He didn’t respond. He let the Shills do the usual ‘You weren’t Paid because YOU BROKE THE RULES!!!’

Eventually the complaints became rather noisy and his advertisers were getting antsy.

Corgi walked away from Munyrite.
He left it where is/as is, took whatever revenue it earned, but concentrated on his new site; Funrite.

He invited the same Shills who had pushed Munyrite to join Funrite, which they did.

And it all starts again.