News Laurel and Hardy would have a Bonanza in Brussels

Laurel and Hardy would have a Bonanza in Brussels


tI does feel like Laurel and Hardy is running Brussels. If they were still here they could make umpteenth of Laurel and Hardy movies or Laurel and Hardy DVD. It is absolutely incredible what comes out of Brussels.

Now the latest is Highland Spring which is a best seller of Britain is given a ban. Why? Highland Spring has an advert on their bottles stating that drinking water prevents dehydration. What does Brussels say: ‘ridiculous’ and banned the product. If they carry on distributing it with that advert they will be prosecuted. Definitely a statement from Laurel and Hardy would reply that is a fine mess you got me into.

Highland Spring chief executive Les Montgomery stated that it is right to mock the EU directive and another example of Brussels bureaucracy. According to this it is wrong to believe that bottled water prevents the body to try out. Oh dear, oh dear.

Apparently it took three-years with 21 scientists to prove that there is no evidence to prove this statement does stand up. First of all, is that where money gets spend on such an useless investigation where anybody knows that drinking water does prevent dehydration. Laurel and Hardy would have had a bonanza. Or is that where they are?

Now we are really getting scientific. The European Food Safety Authority stated that low levels of water in body issue was a symptom of dehydration. Now this is high science. However, they dispute the risk factor which could be counteracted by drinking water. However, Highland Spring still has their statement on their website.

UKip deputy leader Paul Nuttall sits on the European Parliament’s Public Health Committee agrees with the statement of Highland Spring. Other Ministers questioned the EU ban of that statement.

Highland Spring had been in business since 1979 but now is owned by Arab billionaire Mahdi al-Tajir, Last year they sold 77 million gallons of water. No wonder nobody was dehydrated. lol.

Dear old EU in Brussels certainly knows how to put their foot into it and here we got another fine mess. What really hurts is to look at what money it costs which would wipe out all the deficits. We never yet received one ruling from Brussels which made sense or improve the economy. If you know one please leave it in the comment.

Laurel and Hardy would have a Bonanza in Brussels
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