Law of Attraction: Another Look

The Law of Attraction Another Look

Note: Jerry and Esther Hicks tried to make a trademark claim for ‘law of attraction,’ but were rejected. As the blog Kyra Speaks points out in Abraham Hicks Sells Used Thought, the term was popular in the New Thought Movement, a century ago. Jerry and Esther Hicks used it and even some of the catch phrases. They’d been misleading followers for years, crediting themselves with inventing it (through Abraham), and once caught, they swiftly invented the clunkier term ‘vortex of attraction.’

A few years have passed since the Law of Attraction, promoted as The Secret, grabbed worldwide attention, and since things have changed so much for Abraham-Hicks in 2011, it seems a good time to look again at Abraham Hicks and The Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction Basics

For me and, I sense, for a lot of other’s, the reason The Secret as well as′ target=’_blank’>Ask and It Is Given resonated was that both affirmed some things we thought knew, at least intuitively, but hadn”>

Now, the familiar, nameless ideas were fleshed it out and new perspectives opened.′ target=’_blank’>Ask and It Is Given resonated was that both affirmed some things we thought knew, at least intuitively, but hadn”>

Acceptance came easily and helped us gloss over some of the kookier implications that Esther (as Abraham) and Jerry Hicks read into it. A lot of what we read and watched was just simple common sense. Certain religions are good at the inconceivable and wacky, but they do it with such seriousness, nobody much notices.

As a teenager, reading a little of what Conan Doyle wrote about spiritualism, after becoming so bored with Sherlock Holmes he had to kill the fictional detective, I found that his idea that someone or something somewhere was trying to help resonated. Like him, I had nothing I could put my finger on.

I just felt confident that guardian angels or spirit guides or whatever were stepping in from time to time in, responding to calls for help. It was nice to have genuine, respectable grownups confirm the feeling.

I’ve written about helpful coincidences in all of my books because I’ve witnessed so many and always had a confidence about them. When I was in my mid-teens, for example, back in the Sixties, I decided to hitchhike across the country, from Binghamton, New York to San Francisco, by myself and without a soul I knew within a hundred miles by the time I hit Pennsylvania.

I had a little over ten dollars in my pocket. What followed over the next several days was a great adventure and one in which ‘good luck,’ in totally unexpected ways, came along to assist. What an adventure for a teenager who had never been more than twenty-five miles from home, impossible without unforeseen intervention which, fortunately, I had faith was coming.

It’s not my intention to report my autobiography, but I’ll ask you to take for granted that many things came to me over the years. A lot came when I was in need but plenty also when just in a state of imagining or desiring.

Law of Attraction: The Good Stuff…

The preceding was written to explain that I’d had enough prior experience in my life that when Wayne Dyer, then a big advocate for Abraham-Hicks, taught that ‘You get what you think about, whether you want it or not,’ I listened.

His earlier advice, ‘Be open to everything,’ already had helped me to new ways of seeing the world.

‘You get what you think about’ and ‘Birds of a feather flock together’ were practical phrases the followers could easily recognize. It was easy to put this simple understanding to use.

Followers began showing up on Law of Attraction forums–probably still do–feeling put out because they thought about winning the lottery and didn’t. Clearly, some clarification was needed. And an interesting side development was that a brigade of Law of Attraction life coaches began springing up. It didn’t hurt that certification or training was not required nor was proof that the coach had actually had a life, really.

If you’ve attended or listened to recordings from Abraham-Hicks workshops or, especially, hot seat dialogs, you’ve probably realized that Abraham’s success was largely attributable to Esther (Abraham) Hicks disarming, frequent humor and high spirits, attributes that unfortunately are no longer as evident.

In their many workshops over the years, Esther Hicks has come at the Law of Attraction teachings from many angles, using new concepts–relayed to Esther Hicks, she claims, in blocks of thought from a group of spirit world teachers known as Abraham–to enhance comprehension.

The Art of Allowing, The Vortex, and personal workshop techniques, among others, have been presented and refined.

The Law of Attraction Another Look

The Secret

Without rehashing the falling out Rhonda Byrne had with Esther and Jerry Hicks over the hit movie, it was one of the worst and best things that ever happened to Abraham-Hicks.

It introduced the teachings to many more people and into general respectability. But this happened at the expense of clarity and responsibility.

The Secret was disingenuous to start with because, as with gravity, there was no secret. The law of attraction, in various forms, had been taught as a success tool for decades. Once commercialized, the practice of learning to sustain happiness through clarity of thought and attention to emotion became a gimmicky toy for commercial interests. New writers and presenters claiming to have direct links with nonphysical teachers have exploded onto the scene by the basketful.

Some Misconceptions or What the Law of Attraction Is Not…

The most lasting and, to me, annoying claim is that we create our own world, each of us. It’s companion is that you should be trying to find out ‘who you really are,’ as if we’ve all been floating around in an illusion called ‘who we really aren’t.’

Infantile as this might be, it requires a sort of determined ignorance. Instead of a down to earth practice for people eager to understand their deepest desires and to self-actualize, this tosses the effects of the law of attraction into religious belief. To get it, you must accept fanciful premises that couldn’t hold water in an ocean.

  • If you create your own world, what are those external objects (you and me and this laptop, for example)? You made us up?
  • Where did the materials come from? To this, the standard retort is that we are all God and created them too or that it’s all illusion anyway, so, no matter.
  • If you create our own world, why did you bother cooking up Madagascar, the Shah of Iran and Tiny Tim when you will never see any of them?

So, What is The Law of Attraction?

  • It’s plain and it’s simple. It’s not a lightning stroke from God or a light saber. It’s not anything like the Hollywood commercial, Avatar, which much of the American movie going and TV-addicted public mistook for wisdom. Like entropy, otherwise known as the Second Law of Thermodynamics to squares, the law of attraction is an uncomplicated fact of nature popularized by Esther and Jerry Hicks. It seems complicated only because it acts within a complicated reality.
  • Gravity does not work as it appears to and neither does attraction. Attraction is the response of nature to intention. Like gravity, it’s unfailing and constant. It draws objects both large and small to the essence, not the fact, of your thoughts. In other words, you are a lot more likely to get general abundance than lottery winnings.
  • The effects are pure and true, but your intentions are not. You think you’d like a car, but at the same time, you think you don’t want to deal with payments. You’ve stalled both yourself and your car. This applies to everything else in your satchel.
  • Emotions are a key element in Esther (Abraham) Hicks’ teachings, but they have nothing to do with the law. What she teaches is that emotions are guidance systems, like a GPS.
  • The law of attraction is neither good nor bad. It’s just what it is, an effect of drawing resources in response to your intentions and your thoughts.

Finally: The Law of Attraction As It Is Today with Esther and Jerry Hicks

Esther and Jerry Hicks, promoting Abraham, offer teachings that they say will bring you those things you wish for most. They offer tips and techniques.

In one of the stranger developments in a strange year for Esther and Jerry Hicks, what was once set up as a website rich with free information and searchable quote, the Abraham-Hicks home page is saturated with adds for their products and workshops. None of the quotes are free. If you search for something, you are offered a transcript for $8.00, without ever knowing for sure if it contains what you want.

This doesn’t change anything about the law of attraction, of course, but it changes every perception about the people who became wealthy selling it.

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