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Lawn Chair Webbing Replacement Kit

Lawn Chair Webbing Replacement Kit: What You Need to Know?

Old, sagged or frayed webbed lawn chairs can be repaired by purchasing a lawn chair webbing replacement kit and following some DIY replacement procedures. If you’re seeking for information about this topic, you’ve come to the right place. In this article you’ll learn about webbing replacement kits and steps on how to replace your old lawn chair strapping. So without further ado, here are the necessary things you ought to know.

About replacement kits for webbed aluminum lawn chairs

Basically, lawn chair webbing replacement kit can either be made of nylon, polyester or vinyl with as size of 3 inch or 2 ¼ inch wide strap. These straps are designed in various colors and patterns. Some straps are stripes while others are checkered or plain colored. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for the color that is well-suited for your home motif or taste.

Each kit contains strap measuring 50 ft in length and 28 clips which sufficient enough for one webbed aluminum lawn chair. As for lounge chairs, it requires more than 50 ft. Along with the materials is a manual that provides step by step procedure for DIY method. All this can be purchase for $12.99 at chaircarepatio.com. There are also cheaper straps sold at any home depots and gardening stores located in your area. At amazon.com, you can purchase a lawn chair webbing for $4.99. However, manual, screws or clips are not included in the package. Thus, you have to learn how to replace your lawn chair webbing.

How to replace webbing of lawn chairs?

Replacing your old webbing is easy. All you need to remember are 4 simple steps. With that being said, here are the step by step procedures on how to replace your lawn chair webbings.

  • The first step you need to do is to remove the fasteners that hold the old webbing of you aluminum lawn chair from top to bottom. You can use screwdrivers if the fasteners are too tight.
  • Afterwards, cut new straps according to the length of the old straps you’ve detached.
  • Attach the longer straps first. In doing this, sew the strap at rail located at the top of the back part going to the seat on the front of the chair.
  • Once you’ve attached all necessary long straps, you can now weave the small straps between the long straps from left to right and fasten them at the back frame of the chair. Keep in mind that your straps should coincide with the number of screws holes of the chair. For example, a chair with 8 screws holes should have 8 straps in it.


As you can observe aluminum lawn chairs are very practical. In addition to that, aluminum lawn chairs are well sought for the mere fact that it is comfy, portable, durable and affordable. After a period of time and you’ve noticed some frayed or sagged webbings, you can always replace it with new straps. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for multi-colored or plain colored lawn chair webbing replacement kit available for less than $15 and make you old lawn chair look brand new.

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