Lawn Mower 4 Stroke Oil

Lawn mower 4 stroke oil is usually used as a lubricant in the 4 cycle or 4 stroke internal combustion engine of gas powered lawn cutting machinery and power generators. These engines have a separate gasoline and oil source, and they are not mixed before putting in the machine.

Similar to most vehicle oils, four stroke oil is designed to withstand the higher temperatures of air cooled small engines. That is, as opposed to the 2-stroke oil that is mixed with gasoline or petrol before putting in the machine and is more commonly used in chainsaws, hedge trimmers, snowblowers and other smaller power equipment.

Most lubricating oils have been engineered or designed for a specific use, temperature range and type of engine. It is not advisable to mix the oils or use the wrong type of oil for a particular application. Even switching between brands of the same kind of oil can be hazardous due to the possibility of reactions between additives in the oil product that are added to combat corrosion, wear and as detergents to prevent sludge buildup.

If you are looking for the best lawn mower 4 stroke oil, there are a few things you should look out for. What temperature will you be using your lawnmower? If you will be using the lawnmower when the temperature is below 50°F, for example if you are going to use your lawn tractor for snow blowing and clearing, you should be buying a multigrade oil, for example, SAE 5W-30. The small number at the beginning refers to the viscosity being low, so runny oil even in cold temperatures which is what is required to maintain lubrication on the engine. If you live in a warm climate and know it will always be above 50°F, you can go with a single grade SAE 30W lubricant oil for your lawn mowing equipment.

It is always a really good idea to try and purchase the oil manufactured by the makers of your lawn mower engine when you can. These engine makers have an intricate knowledge of the heat, tolerances and conditions in the engines they have made, and can formulate an ideal lubricant for it.

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