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Lawn Mower Battery Reviews – What to Look for when Buying New Riding Mower Batteries


If you are looking for a new battery for your riding lawn tractor, we have some helpful lawn mower battery reviews tips to check out and some information on how to purchase your new mower battery with ease.

It is possible to successfully buy a replacement rider mower battery on the internet, and can be quite convenient when done properly. By choosing carefully, you should be able to save time trouble and hassle. Not taking the time to find out everything you need, may mean that you lose your money as batteries are usually a nonreturnable item.

What type of riding lawn mower battery to buy

There are a number of types of lead acid battery, which is the most common type used in larger lawn equipment, ATVs and other small motorized equipment. There are three main types of lead acid battery, the more common AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), the gel cell or gel battery, and the wet lead-acid battery that contains the acid in liquid form bathing the lead plates. The first two can be considered spill-proof and are ideal for riding lawn tractors.

There are two actual power types of battery based on the output and duration of output of electrical power. There are the starter batteries, that are primarily for starting equipment with good cold cranking amps (CCA) and for the lighter load of running lights and electrics while the engine is running, just like a car or truck. The other type of the deep cycle batteries that have a different plate configuration and size for producing power over a longer period of time.

When you are buying a riding lawnmower tractor that you are looking for ideally a Starter AGM or gel cell battery that is exactly the same size and voltage as your previous battery. Most are 12 Volts. If you are looking for cordless electric mower battery reviews, check out this article.

Lawn Mower Battery Reviews – What to Look for when Buying New Riding Mower BatteriesWhat you need to purchase your lawnmower battery

It is important to know what to look out for when buying a suitable replacement lawn tractor battery. To have a chance at buying the right power pack for your lawnmower, you are going to need your lawn mowers make, model and year of manufacturer and engine size is helpful as well.

If you have the old battery you will want to note the voltage, model number and brand and it is very important that you actually measure the physical battery size as well. Once you get under the hood of a riding mower, there is not much room for all the engine parts and components. Your new battery needs to fit in exactly the same size slot as the previous old battery so don’t skip this step.

Riding lawn mower battery reviews

When reading any consumer reviews, you need to bear in mind the writer’s experience and overall care with their purchases, and whether one small fault has colored their whole outlook of an item. The best reviews come from people experienced with that type of item, and know how to look after the item probably for the best performance. This is especially true when it comes to batteries. Often people reviewing an item may review it poorly just because they have not cared for properly, storing it into cold of a location over the winter, or treating it as the deep cell battery and allowing it to discharge below 60%, so bear this in mind when evaluating the reviews.

One thing to mention when it comes to lead acid shipping in the US, is it seems some lead acid batteries do not include the acid. Everything is there except the acid as there are limits to shipping this depending on the battery type and location. When buying a lawnmower battery online make sure to find out if it will be ready to use when it arrives, whether it will need further charging and whether you will have the nuisance of trying to find acid to fill the battery and also the added expense of purchasing the acid. This is something that is commonly referred to in the mower battery customer reviews.

Checking that the supplier sells fresh recently manufactured batteries is important. Over time, waste byproducts can form on the lead plates, blocking the electrical current within the battery and in effect reducing the usefulness of the battery. If a battery has been sitting on a shelf for a couple of years before it is shipped to you, you will find that it never really hold a charge very well or produces as much power as it should. Checking feedback that a seller ships a good new product is very important for you to get the best mower battery for the money.

Lawn Mower Battery Reviews – What to Look for when Buying New Riding Mower Batteries

Customer service is important, and the seller or manufacturer, certainly should recognize if you have a bad battery that is never going to perform properly. Providing a free replacement is not unreasonable. Bear in mind, that many battery warranties or guarantees are pro-rated, so you may find yourself still paying for the portion of the battery life you have used. Again, check out the reviews to see if this is the case, or where they were lucky enough to have a no-questions-asked refund.

Now go ahead and buy your battery

Hopefully this gives you some insight into how to buy the best lawnmower batteries based on the reviews and will cut down on your returns and frustration. If you want to check out Amazon for lawn tractor batteries follow this link.

Lawn Mower Battery Reviews – What to Look for when Buying New Riding Mower Batteries
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